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Annual Turkey Dinner Dishes Out Some Thanksgiving Favorites for At-Risk Children

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SCRANTON -- Over 200 children were served up a turkey dinner in Lackawanna County on Thursday night.

The 14th annual Joseph Van R. Clarke Family Dinner for at-risk children was held at the Central Club in Scranton.

Kids got to enjoy a meal made up of turkey, corn and macaroni and cheese during the event.

The children shared with WNEP their favorite parts of the Thanksgiving holiday.

"It's great because you get to sit with your friends and family."

"It means like having a fun, a fun dinner with your family."

"It means being thankful for everything that you do to people and everything that you do in life."

Volunteers from the University of Scranton's Circle K Organization and Scranton Kiwanis Club dished out food for children ranging in age from five to 18.