Man Accused of Asking Elderly Homeowner for Help, Then Stealing Money and His Vehicle

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NORWEGIAN TOWNSHIP -- A man is accused of asking an elderly homeowner for help and then stealing from him in Schuylkill County.

Nicholas Harman, 25, of Ashland, is behind bars. State police say he knocked on the 85-year-old victim's door last Thursday night saying he wrecked his car and wanted to make a phone call.

Once he got inside, troopers say Harman stole money from the victim and then took off in the man's car.

Then this past Monday, authorities say Harman tried to rob the Top Star Express in Tower City and took off in that stolen vehicle.

Police later recovered the SUV in Dauphin County.


  • Bob Gooch

    Ashland hahahahaha What a clown car that town is! Take some more pills Ashlandeers! Want a little crack or heroin to go with that? Aye it’s a troubling area

  • Coal crackers

    Coal mining basically a pastime, Yuengling tastes like azz, Facebook constantly freezing up, favorite H.S. football team bombs out, mountain laurel spreading in lawns and streat roamers filling up the abandoned row houses seeking slam slam heat. Can you really blame this guy?

    • KIP

      I could hear the Ashland Black Diamond PA system from my back porch and honestly I am tickled pink. That coupled with the fire whistles gives me a lot to do on a dreary Sunday Afternoon. Nothing like Beast Ice, Youth Football and row home fires.

  • πŸ€”

    It’s aweful how these fools take advantage of elderly people like that. They know that can cuz what is an 85 yr old man gonna do? It sickens me. The elderly live on a fixed income and you have people like this that just do what they can to Rob and steal from them. I hope he gets put away for a long time! Shame on him!!!

  • Berrios

    Everyone so worried about youth sports and facebook attention here. When the area is falling apart at the seams. Probably another street roamer situation if the perp is from Ashland .

  • are you kidding?!?

    I’m sure his fellow inmates will be dutifully impressed with his achievements and respond accordingly.

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