Holy Cross Helping Fellow Crusaders Recover from Hurricane Harvey

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DUNMORE -- Since Hurricane Harvey hit Texas this summer, students at a school in Lackawanna County have learned that they have a lot in common with students at a school near Houston.

So, Holy Cross High School is helping out their fellow Crusaders.

More than 100 Holy Cross High School students welcomed the crisp November air in exchange for their classrooms. And after a short prayer, they set out on foot.

Walking with a purpose, each of them took pledges for their walk. They're raising money for another Catholic school in Dickinson, Texas damaged by Hurricane Harvey.

Holy Cross adopted True Cross Elementary School because the students thought they had a lot in common.

"This was their calling. Once we found out that their mascot was the Crusaders, we said definitely. There's that energy for them to live out their faith helping the school," said teacher Kathy Yaklic.

The walk through Dunmore was a kickoff for their adoption that won't end anytime soon. There are fundraisers planned throughout the rest of the school year.

True Cross in Texas was damaged so badly that students are still going to class in separate buildings.

"So they really want to go back to be in their school, and so our little way of showing our help and support is one way to help that happen," Yaklic said.

This show of support is for students in Texas who may only see pictures or video of it but the Holy Cross students hope people in their own community see what they're doing.

"It's good for the community to see us walking. They know what we're walking for," said Holy Cross senior Patrick Galvin. "Hopefully it builds awareness that we need help and they need help in Texas."

"We're trying to go out into the world and show everybody, especially as Thanksgiving is approaching, a lot of people will have homes to go to, have families to celebrate with, and that's not the case for True Cross," Holy Cross senior Mollie Burda said.

The students say many of their new friends at True Cross school also lost homes in Hurricane Harvey. They hope the money they raise will help them at school and at home.

"I think they'll know that someone loves them and cares about them, and wants to help them," Galvin added.

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