Decorative Pillars Added to New Harrison Avenue Bridge

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SCRANTON -- Some finishing touches are being made on the new Harrison Avenue Bridge in Scranton.

Crews added decorative pillars called "obelisks" on Wednesday.

The bridge is set to open to drivers before the end of this year even though PennDOT says there is still about a year's worth of work to do at the site, including tearing down the old bridge which is nearly 100 years old.


  • Joey Z

    “decorative”… AKA one of Courtrights cronies had some construction materials lying around and wanted to get paid an exorbitant fee for using them

  • trucker

    obelisks are ancient phallic symbols something about Set wacks Osiris then his wife (and sister) Isis cuts his body up but hid his weiner.

  • Robert

    Yup, them decorative pillars will lure in the tourists and solve the solvency problem of Scranton and their schools. Absolutely counterintuitive approach to a complex problem. That’s why it makes sense!

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