Against All Odds: Retail Store Celebrating 95 Years of Business In Tamaqua

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TAMAQUA -- With the initials C.X.B. some people may wonder what's inside the storefront on West Broad Street in Tamaqua.

But if you step inside the Charles X. Block, you'll soon find out and may end up buying something.

“Charles Blocks has been around since 1923; it is a local legend in the greater Tamaqua area,” said Ralph Richards.

Opening its doors during the height of coal mining industry in northeastern Pennsylvania, Charles Block was going strong when some historical film was taken in Tamaqua back in 1938.

Now, it's one of the few stores of its kind in the area.

“Back in the day, we had as many as two stores like this in Tamaqua and one in every coal region in town and 95 years later Charles Blocks has been chosen to be one of the remaining stores in Schuylkill County but Carbon County as well,” said Richards.

Rich Gibson has worked at Charles X. Block for more than 40 years. He says treating customers like family is what separates them.

“We have to do something a little different to survive. I think we have been able to do that by providing personal service and getting to know our customers’ needs and providing for them,” said Rich Gibson.

95 years and counting and the staff at Charles X. Block that their customer service gives them 95 more.

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