Suspected Robber Nabbed after Chase, Two Remain at Large

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SCRANTON -- Police chased a robbery suspect Tuesday morning in Scranton, possibly catching him at the end of a robbery spree that lasted through the night and covered two counties.

Police say the Gulf gas station on Main Street in Taylor was robbed Tuesday morning. Police would catch up with the suspected robber shortly after, but they are still looking for the getaway driver.

Police say this may have been the end of an all-night robbery spree.

Suspect Russell Meyer was taken away in handcuffs after a chase that started in cars and ended on foot.

Police say Meyer robbed the Gulf station in Taylor. His getaway driver led cops on a chase for about a mile before letting Meyer out of the car.

Meyer is now facing charges of robbery, theft, and assault, but when police saw his face, they thought it looked familiar.

Police believe Meyer is the man in surveillance pictures of a robbery at the Carriage Stop Plaza in Plains Township at 4 a.m. Tuesday. They think Meyer is responsible for another four robberies in Luzerne County between last night and late Tuesday morning when police caught him running on Davis Street in Scranton.

Police say they are still looking for Meyer's getaway driver -- a woman -- and a man who was also in the car. Police say they believe to be driving a gray or silver Nissan Ultima. Anyone with information is asked to call Taylor police.


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