New Blood Pressure Guidelines Affect Millions

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SCRANTON -- The number of Americans considered to have high blood pressure has just gone up.

New guidelines released this week have lowered the number for high blood pressure from 140/90 to 130/80.

That change affects millions of Americans.

"Research has shown that even a 10-millimeter difference between blood pressures that if you lower it, people do better," said cardiologist Dr. Peter Cawley.

Dr. Cawley is a cardiologist at Geisinger Community Medical Center in Scranton. He says the new numbers are meant to create more awareness for those dealing with high blood pressure.

"Many times, these things are the start, are just a value between you and your health care provider and start a discussion."

Also helping start the conversation between a patient and doctor is Geisinger's new wellness program called 'Springboard Healthy Scranton.

The goal is to lead people in this area to a healthier lifestyle and in turn, build stronger communities.

"We are reiterating the messages that it's small changes that you can make every day so it's, how do you get a little bit more active? How do you reduce your salt? How do you make those lifestyle choices to improve your health?" said Brian Ebersole of Springboard Healthy Scranton.

People we found walking out of the Medical Urgent Care on Mulberry Street understand why paying attention to blood pressure matters.

"Blood pressure is a big thing. If you don't care about blood pressure, then you don't care about yourself," said Dallis Buck. "Got to go to the gym, got to take care of yourself. Your body is your temple."

Doctors at Geisinger tell us the best thing you can do about your own blood pressure is to talk to your doctor about it.


  • factscount

    If they would lower the guidelines to 100 over 50 they could then encompass almost everyone and make everyone a risk. If you were normal yesterday with 140 over 90, does lowering the guidelines make you less normal today. Where does it end??

  • We hold these truths to be self evident

    Pretty sure big companys need to get broke down and taxes need paid for what they do in lobbying to let robberies happen to our family and friends. You got a problem that you did not know about? Heres some pills. Get to croaking faster and making hate happen.

  • Lies get rewarded

    Seems like BS because these doctors writing out prescriptions get kickbacks from big companies, which started our opiate dilemma and made our towns a cesspool. I actually had back to back appointments in two days. My regular doctor said I had high BP and prescribed me expensive medication. Then I went for a physical for my work’s insurance the next day at a different place and they said I was very healthy in that aspect. It’s a money grab. Most pills are poison


    my blood pressure rises when i read how my hometown is going to hell in a handbasket. i got to stop reading the nepa news.

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