ESU Faces Budget Issues for Next Year

EAST STROUDSBURG -- Kenneth Long is the vice president for administration and finance at East Stroudsburg University. He says the university is facing some issues when it comes to next year's budget.

"Our revenue increases somewhere around two to three percent a year. Our expenditures, for a variety of reasons, increases about five to six percent a year. When you're expenditures increase faster than your revenue, you have a structural deficit that you have to deal with," said Long.

That structural deficit is nearly $6 million for the next school year.

Long says flat enrollment and growing expenses on the campus are a big factor.

University officials are now looking at ways to fill the gap.  Layoffs are a possibility, but the hope is to avoid it and work on reorganization.

"We need to realign our expenses to coincide with our revenue or projected revenue increases," said Long.

University officials say one way they are already responsibly managing money is by canceling a major project. The plan was to knock down the library and built a brand new one, but instead, they are going to use that money to do a number of different renovations.

Students on campus who have heard about the university's budget woes think it's smart that officials are putting money towards other areas on campus.

Sophomore Kenya Thompson says it's better than possibly losing faculty and staff.

"We deserve the proper amount of staff members. They are great. They empathize with us and it would be like losing a member of our family," said Thompson.

"The library is one of the newest buildings on campus, so the money can definitely go any other place, an older building or another facility on campus," said Devin Braig, ESU Freshman.

The only plan that will remain the same is replacing the current student union building that was built back in the '60s.

That project is still in the planning stages.


  • get real

    As America continues ranks as absolute the last country in the developed world in science (and surpassed by many third-world countries) and has slidden bottom third in math and reading, we sit and wonder why China, India, Brazil etc are overtaking us. In fact it is so bad that Raytheon, Boeing, MCD-Douglass etc need to bring in large numbers of foreign scientists and engineers to build our own defense systems as they can’t find talent here! Investment in education, the NSF, NIH etc is the only hope for this country to re-gain any semblance of leadership.

    • Paul

      In recent years the educational system has been more concerned with transgender bathrooms, diversity, inclusiveness, etc. than with educating students to compete in a complex world of advanced nations. The only reason the rest of the world still acknowledges us is because of our potent military. The military feeds off of the educational and economic might of a nation and is living off of investments made decades ago. Just a matter of time until that crumbles too.

      • get real

        And it crumbles certainly not for lack of dollars but for lack of educated talent. The armed forces have continually lowered the bar on their educational requirements for recruits for 20 years now — to where high-school literacy is not now even necessary. You can’t run an armed forces like that…. As to Universities concern with transgender issues, diversity etc. Why not? Universities should be “laboratories” for diversity in all its forms (including ideas), social change and foremost critical analysis. Great innovations and accomplishments come from the fusion of diverse parts of society. Science and technology is not done in a vacuum. You have your laptop because of a space-race, fueled by a cold-war that was about social issues among other things and the Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were inspired by social changes that were occurring — including civil rights, diversity etc. Innovation is born from the social laboratory that should be a part of college campuses.

  • warningfakenews

    Perhaps people are beginning to re-evaluate the idea of taking on a hundred thousand dollars of debt to work in a place like Pizza Hut.

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