Driver Dies Following Crash in Lackawanna County

PECKVILLE -- The driver of a car involved in a wreck last week has died.

The Lackawanna County coroner confirmed Kenneth Santarelli, 51, of Peckville died as a result of the crash on November 6.

Santarelli's Ferrari split in half after hitting a tree along Gino Merli Drive.

His family owns and operates Santarelli and Sons Oil Company in Lackawanna County.

Blakely police are investigating.


  • Mare Z

    There were so many people praying for this man, Ken Santarelli, and for his entire family. I am so very sorry to hear that Ken has passed-on; my heart breaks for his family, and especially his children. Please, continue to keep them in prayer.
    To those certain people making comments about Ken speeding and/or being under the influence; don’t say hurtful things like that on an open forum since negative words are better kept to yourself.
    I’ve heard that Ken was experiencing a medical problem while driving, and perhaps that caused him to press-down on the gas pedal too heavily, and maybe he was trying to get home or to the hospital? I guess no one except his family will know the answer to that question; besides, it doesn’t matter at this point.
    So again, please keep the negative comments and opinions silent; only offer condolences for the Santarelli family.
    May God bless, be merciful, and give comfort to this family, give them the strength to endure until the day they see their family member again. I am so very, very sorry.

  • MarkplaysgolfinNEPA

    While I do feel bad that his girls have to grow up without their Dad, this man WAS intoxicated behind the wheel. Also, it wasn’t his first, so no sympathy for him.

  • JustSum1

    My heart aches for his daughters and family. Say what you want about him, but he adored his daughters. He did have health issues. May God comfort his daughters, mom and family.

  • Dave Lalli

    The man and his family helped my family and I when a lot of other people turned their backs….for that I am forever grateful. Prayers for the entire Santarelli family for their loss…he was a good man and he will be missed.

  • Mariah

    he was NOT drinking and driving…. was NOT speeding in his Ferrari…. he had a massive stroke from high blood pressure, and paralyzed him and went unconscious.

  • Buford T. Justice

    The car did not split in two by itself. Excess speed. Whether caused by driver arrogance or a medical condition has not been publicly established yet.

  • Yanks

    To all of you insensitive, negative low life’s!!! I hope you can live with yourselves after making such disgusting comments last week regarding this poor man who was involved in such a horrific accident! I am thinking that some of you sick minded individuals won’t even bat an eye since he passed away?

    • buzzed driver

      Accidents are sad in fatals, Yet part of the world and This “accident” in such a car on the type of tires and rain conditions probably combined w alcohol will get talk and sadder you blame others when this one was actually THE DRIVER .

      • Yanks

        Buzzed, I’m guessing you were on scene and reconstructed the aaccident. If so, thank you for the information. I know the cause has not been officially released by individuals who actually investigated this horrific accident.

  • Betterget2livin

    What a heart wrenching loss to the entire community. May God wrap his family in his loving arms and help them find comfort in such a sorrowful time.

  • Brandi martin

    I am so sorry for the santarelli family. I saw their pain as my husband was struggling for his life in the ICU in the room down from Mr santarelli. This is a wonderful family. His mother and sister are beautiful and dedicated to Ken. I feel devasted for his beautiful children. This family does not deserve this outcome. Ken was very loved by his community. I saw it first hand as the ICU waiting room was packed day and night with his friends and family by his side. I am so sorry Mrs santarelli that this has happened to ur family. Please stay strong. God will take care of Ken. I want everyone to know that this is good people. I saw it first hand. Please pray for this family. My prayers are with u.

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