Accused Bathroom Peeper in Court

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PALMYRA TOWNSHIP -- Authorities in Pike County have identified some victims of a bathroom peeper, but they believe there could be more.

Caitland Williams of Lords Valley gave up his right to a hearing Tuesday.

He is charged with sexual abuse of children by recording, attempted child pornography, and more.

State police say Williams used a cell phone to record women and kids in the bathroom at the Dunkin Donuts and Xtra Mart near Blooming Grove in 2015.


  • Sal

    NEPA is loaded with pee-pee peepers, pervert DARE captains, and fat sexually curious county officials. It’s like pedos and closet jerkers just feel safe in NEPA since most people there just look the other way

  • Gopher Grace

    Hahaha lets just laugh this off and throw him back out there. He learned his lesson and has beaten his problem.

    • get real

      You have successfully brought yourself down to the level of this guy (assuming he’s guilty) with your asinine comment.

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