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Recovered Video Leads to New Charges in Penn State Fraternity Death

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STATE COLLEGE -- Twelve more members of Penn State's Beta Theta Pi fraternity have been charged in the death of pledge Timothy Piazza after prosecutors were able to recover deleted surveillance video from the night of his death -- video that shows the sophomore being given at least 18 drinks in 82 minutes.

Also as a result of the video, five fraternity members already charged in the case face additional charges, Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller said.

Nine members already charged in the case face no new charges. It means a total of 26 fraternity members are charged with various offenses stemming from Piazza's death.

The new defendants face charges that include involuntary manslaughter, assault, hazing and furnishing alcohol to minors, all related to additional alcohol hazing that prosecutors say was caught on cameras in the basement of the fraternity house in the Pennsylvania community of State College.

Piazza, 19, died after his first night pledging Beta Theta Pi, a fraternity that was supposed to be alcohol-free as a result of a suspension eight years ago. Surveillance footage previously played in court shows Piazza falling repeatedly, including down a flight of stairs, after the February 2 event.

Prosecutors previously believed that the basement cameras were not working, but Parks Miller said Monday that fraternity member Braxton Becker deleted the basement footage in front of the police as they were collecting it.

Becker is charged with tampering with evidence, obstructing justice and hindering apprehension. His attorney, Karen Muir, could not immediately be reached for comment.

"People had asked us before why would someone delete that video, if they did delete it? Well now we know, because it contained criminal conduct," Parks Miller said.

"He deleted it in front of the police," Parks Miller said, adding that the forensic analysis showed Becker made "a series of deliberate commands" on the machine to delete the basement portion of the video.

Parks Miller says at first investigators were told surveillance cameras from the basement of the fraternity house weren't working the night of the hazing. But the FBI agents were able to restore deleted video from that camera. New charges including involuntary manslaughter and tampering with evidence have been filed on top of numerous frat brothers already charged in the case.

The upstairs footage remained, revealing part of the hazing ritual, followed by several hours of Piazza stumbling and repeatedly falling.

"Piazza never obtained any of those drinks himself," Parks Miller said. "Brothers were coming over and giving it to him."

During a news conference on Monday announcing the new charges, Piazza's father, Jim, was trembling and fidgeting, at times shaking his head in anger.

"Coercing someone to drink seven to eight drinks in 12 minutes or close to 20 drinks in 90 minutes is egregiously reckless and according to the police and the D.A. is criminal," Piazza said.

"We spent the last eight months wondering how this could happen," he said. "Visions of him laying in the hospital bed, battered and bruised, looking like he got hit by a tractor-trailer made no sense."

He referenced statements by the defendants, who said they did not know everything that had happened that night.

"Guess what, guys. Now we know," Piazza said.  "It's time to man up, fellas, and be held accountable for your actions."


  • Johnson Steele

    Both fraternities AND sororities should be banned on ALL college and university campuses, public and private, effective immediately, no exceptions. They consistently encourage the worst possible behavior and we don’t need any more of that as it seems we have more than enough already. ‘Freedom’ should not include the non-existent ‘right’ to behave like a Satanist. Manners, civility, morality, modesty and similar things objectively matter, and it doesn’t matter if some people disagree with that, because we need to stop encouraging criminally irresponsible behavior.

  • Thad

    It’s very easy to stop all this college drinking nonsense. It is illegal in Pennsylvania to possess or consume alcohol under the age of 21. If the authorities enforce this and the universities back it up with immediate expulsion you will see a change in short order.

    • eddiecorn

      no ashland is where the psu fans come from. Some suspect ones there. I aint naming no names. look the other way central.

  • Chip

    Another week and the shame that is PSU rolls on. But who cares about victims when there’s a football game on Saturday? supposed to be a good game i hear

  • warningfakenews

    Um, and which ones MADE him drink them? Yes, he was underage for drinking, but no- he wasn’t a child. Seems like the man made some bad decisions there.

    • Writer Girl

      I imagine after awhile he had no sense of what was going on, after having alcohol forced on him by a group. Stop sticking up for these jerks, as they did nothing to help him, when it should have been obvious he was in trouble. If the victim is guilty, so are they. More so.

      • warningfakenews

        Forced? You mean they held a gun to his head or tied up his arms and legs and pried his mouth open to get it in him? Forced?

    • JP

      Agree. I’m sure he knew what could happen when joining a fraternity. He made the choice and could of walked away if it didn’t seem right. Sorry this happened but an individual makes the choice he wants to make. Good or bad, this is life.


    18 drinks in 82 minutes is nothing if you grew up in the skook. I know some individuals in Ashland who bonged 30 beers in an hour.

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