Penn State Raising Season Ticket Prices

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UNIVERSITY PARK — For the first times since 2009, Penn State is raising the ticket prices for football season ticket holders.

Season football tickets for 2018 will be going up by $5 per game next season for a total increase of $35.

The price to park is also going up if you wait until the day of the game.

It’ll cost $60 if you pull up to stadium lots without a prepaid pass. The price to park if you buy in advance will still be $20.


  • get real

    We all are forced to buy a part of a season ticket with our taxes whether we want it or not — Penn State’s allocation from the legislature in 2016? $225 million. And the football coach makes $6 million/year. Yet we have no money for our schools?….stop this nonsense.

    • get real

      When he was the coach, he was the *only* PA public employee to have his salary protected from the tax-paying public by special decree of the legislature.

  • Robert

    Bonus money soon to be available to insurance company lobbyist to slap some meat into the hands of politicians in exchange for limited liability and tort reform! Reducing the costs of touch and tell to bearable levels! Qualified persons can contact PSU directly.

  • warningfakenews

    They can charge it because their players aren’t taking a knee and ticking off the fans. Otherwise, they’d have difficulty giving away the tickets.

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