Crews Find Area of Interest on Lake Silkworth for Missing Man

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LAKE SILKWORTH -- Crews have now been searching for five days, looking for Adam Lutz of Nanticoke. On Monday, they changed the focus of their search from land to the water.

With the help of some specialized K-9 units, officials said they identified an area of interest on Lake Silkworth, not far from where Lutz was last seen. A sonar map is being created for that section of the lake to see what officials can find.

Police say Lutz, 22, of Nanticoke, was driving with a friend near Harveys Lake and Lake Silkworth Thursday night. He pulled over on Roberts Street and Route 29 at Lake Silkworth, got out of the car, and hasn't been seen since.

The search is now focusing exclusively on Lake Silkworth itself and the surrounding shoreline.

Police are also looking over surveillance video, which they say shows Lutz walking toward the lake.

Areas on land have been searched two to three times over, so volunteers who specialize in K-9 searches were brought in to help with the search on the water. They used Lutz's scent to search for signs of him.

“Dogs don't normally lie. They just don't lie. They are your best friends. They are out here to help and bring home the closure for people,” said Vicki Coup, STRIKE K-9 coordinator.

“The dogs are given an area and we’re pretty certain five dogs are showing interest, from varying interest to very strong interest in one area. So, it’s fairly confident but then again never 100%,” Bruce Barton, Chief of Northeast Search and Rescue said.

As of Monday night, there is no word on when the search will continue tomorrow.

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