Moore Threatens to Sue Washington Post Over Report

WASHINGTON — Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore says he will sue the Washington Post over its report alleging he pursued sexual relationships with teenagers — including a 14-year-old — when he was in his 30s.

“The Washington Post published another attack on my character and reputation because they are desperate to stop my political campaign. These attacks said I was with a minor child and are false and untrue — and for which they will be sued,” Moore said Sunday night during a campaign speech in Huntsville, Alabama.

The Washington Post declined to comment Monday morning.

It’s not uncommon for public figures to threaten legal action against news organizations but ultimately fail to follow through. President Donald Trump threatened to sue The New York Times last year after it published the accounts of two women who claimed Trump touched them inappropriately. His lawyers never filed a lawsuit.

More recently, disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein initially threatened to sue the Times after it first reported allegations of sexual misconduct against him, but that suit never materialized.

The Washington Post report Thursday was based on interviews with more than 30 people. As well as the allegations that Moore had sexual contact with the then 14-year-old when he was aged 32, three other women also told The Post that Moore pursued them when they were between the ages of 16 and 18.

The woman who was 14 years old at the time claimed he took her to his house, undressed down to his underwear and undressed her down to her bra and underwear and touched her and moved her hand to touch his underwear, which could have been sexual offenses due to her age, but the statutes of limitations in effect during that time have passed.

None of the other three women told the Post that Moore sexually harassed, or assaulted them, or forced them into a relationship. Alabama’s legal age of consent is 16.

Moore has denied the allegations since they were published. He called the claims “completely false” Friday when appearing on Sean Hannity’s syndicated radio show.

Speaking at a Veterans Day event at the Mid-Alabama Republican Club in Birmingham Saturday, Moore called the allegations “fake news” and “yet another attack on my character and reputation in a desperate attempt to stop my political campaign for the United States Senate.”

He added that the alleged incidents happened nearly 40 years ago and called them “very hurtful to me personally — I have the highest regard for the protection of young children,” before adding that he has never provided alcohol to a minor and has “not been guilty of sexual misconduct with anyone.”

Moore added that there were ongoing “investigations” looking into the motivations behind the Post article, and promised “revelations” about the story to come in the next few days, though he did not provide further specifics.

A number of Republicans withdrew their endorsements of Moore following the Washington Post article, including the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which severed a joint fundraising agreement that benefits Moore’s campaign.

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  • warningrealnews

    And today a fifth victim spoke out — complete with a note from Moore (at the time) saying she was only 16 and nobody will believe her if she says anything. C’mon people — he was BANNED from the local shopping mall for cruising for teenagers. Documented creep.

  • warningfakenews

    The signature inside the yearbook of Gloria Allred’s accuser is an obvious forgery. Besides, who signs a yearbook in December?

    Don’t be fooled folks, you can buy plenty of accusers. Where are the Trump accusers now? And where were the Moore accusers for the last 40 years? Only NOW they surface? Fake, fake, fake, fake.

    • get real

      Victims of sexual abuse have it tough. It makes sense that 1) it takes time to work through them and 2) timing is everything — there is a sense of safety in numbers. How about the “flood” of women who came forward re Bill Clinton nearly simultaneously? The same phenomenon happens when one accuser of a Catholic priest comes forward. Seen it time and time again. I pointed out Clinton to assure you that it is my opinion that a creep is a creep regardless of the (D) or (R) after their name.

    • get real

      Glad his well-considered comments “touched” you. They touched me too — good to see more voices here that promote opinions formed from an informed critical analysis and not just knee-jerk parroting of Hannity talking points.

      • warningfakenews

        I get such a kick out of people who assume the libertarian right are avid listeners or watchers of any particular personality. If one of them happens to say something profound, we’ll likely find out about it, but few of us spend very much time glued to a few sources.

        And having used a Keurig at work, I can tell you it’s a mediocre product to begin with, as well as a huge waste of money. I wouldn’t own one even if Hannity implored me to, personally.

      • warningfakenews

        AND, it’s just happens to come up NOW. And it’s kind of funny how some of these ‘accusers’ are democrat operatives or sympathizers. Again.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        OH but how convenient and easy to fake after all these years.

        All that’s needed in this country anymore is the accusation. While you may be innocent until proven guilty in America, he’s already guilty in cyberspace. Your comment confirms this.

      • McCracken

        Lloyd, I was responding to your comment, specifically. You only brought up that it was 30-40 years ago. What does that have to to with whether, or not, he perpetrated the acts of which he is accused? Regardless of when the allegations took place, if true, they are still reprehensible. Does that better explain my stance, on the issue?

    • No Worry Roy

      No need to worry. The (R) Regardless faithfully close their eyes, plug their noses and vote straight party ticket no matter who’s on there!

  • trucker

    Washington Post is very fake news. Reminds me of what happened to Herman Cain, once he dropped out the women seemed to disappear, no follow-up on THAT story.

  • warningfakenews

    It’s a media/DNC and GOP Swamp joint operation which is failing.

    We’re done with playing the rigged game they play. Nothing like the high and mighty ‘moral’ left trying to dictate who should or shouldn’t be in office. They’re a bunch of Wieners (Anthony).

  • McCracken

    Alabama is ranked near the bottom in every measurable metric of a states’ success; yet, they continue to elect the same ultra-conservative whackos. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing, repeatedly, and expecting different results.

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