Development Projects Continue on Montage Mountain

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MONTAGE MOUNTAIN -- The Shoppes at Montage opened in Moosic in 2007 and since then, plenty of new clothing stores and restaurants have opened up.

Within the next year, you'll not only notice more of that but more things to come across the whole mountain.

There are quite a few construction sites to look at as you're driving through Montage Mountain -- some old and some new. Now, some more changes are coming.

Phase Five of the Glenmaura Commons project is underway, bringing with it more townhouses and condos.

"It's good. It needs to be relived and have everything revitalized because the younger kids are moving out," Gia Micciche said.

Behind the Lackawanna County Visitor Center, a new construction site will soon be home to Glenmaura Senior Living, a facility that will have over 100 rooms and beds for senior citizens.

Shoppers who frequent the area think this is a perfect location for a senior living facility because of the proximity to so many other things.

"They got the movie theater. They got the restaurants. I think it's a benefit for everybody in general," Matthew Kochis said.

And speaking of restaurants, you can expect yet another place to dine in 2018. Harvest opened up earlier this year. Its new neighbor will be a place called Food and Fire, a barbecue-style restaurant.

"More jobs for us, more jobs for the younger people," Kochis said. "Everyone says, 'There's no jobs. There's no jobs,' but you see it's growing. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger."

Also in front of the Moosic zoning board are plans for a new Hilton hotel to open up in an area overlooking the baseball stadium, but plans haven't been finalized just yet. Borough officials say the hotel is proposed to be five stories tall.

Computer rendering of proposed hotel

For Dolores Zurek who has lived in Moosic her whole life, she is the first to admit how proud she is to be a part of something that is thriving like this.

"We have grown so much since 1980. People don't believe it, population and commercial area," Zurek said.

The Food and Fire restaurant is set to open this spring at the Shoppes at Montage. Officials with Glenmaura tell us the senior living facility will be completed sometime in 2018.


  • buzzed driver

    Funny all the news reports show high crime, and drug use for a low population , an elder care facility isn’t thriving , more likely state funded care for a community that didn’t save for old age and owned by local attorneys .


    “More jobs for us, more jobs for the younger people,” Kochis said. “Everyone says, ‘there’s no job, there’s no jobs,’ but you see it’s growing, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.”

    Sorry but these are low paying , part time minimum wage jobs.
    This area needs livable wage jobs, not work 3 part time jobs and still not be able to afford healthcare.

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