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Ashland Library Seeking Donations for Flooding Damage

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ASHLAND -- Ashland Public Library needs donations for damage to their building after a water main break.

Ann Helwig has spent the last 34 years of her life working in the Ashland Public Library.

"We consider it a hub in our community," Helwig said.

So when a water main break caused major flooding inside the library, she was devastated.

"Oh, it was mud," Helwig said. "It was terrible. It was a big mess."

The water main broke under the street in the back of the building. The water seeped in through the back door, damaging much of the children's area in the library. A total of 17 bookcases in that area need to be replaced.

"The entire carpet was saturated," library board Vice President Gary Glessner said. "Our bookshelves were in disrepair, really. They soaked up a lot of the water.

The library had to shut down the children's section for a few days. That also kept people from being able to use the library's computers.

"It really breaks your heart because the kids couldn't use the back room for a couple of days and we had to have the computers off," Helwig said. "We had so many people come in that use the computers because they don't have facilities at home."

Glessner estimates the damage to the building costs between $7,000 and $10,000. The library is looking for donations so they can make repairs.

Helwig says it is important to get the library back to its former glory because it allows an escape from reality for its readers.

"When you go to a library, you can go all over the world," Helwig said. "Just in one place. You can go all over the world."

More than a dozen donations have already been made. If you would like to make a donation, you can do so at the library in Ashland.


  • Braddock, PA

    I think Eastern PA is much like Western PA. People choose their opinions before their community. Some people like to live in tents I surmise. Those people tend to comment here.

  • Hippocrates

    You’re only two or three poops away from becoming Centralia since your hospital went tits up. At least they got a video game in remembrance (Silent Hill). Mike Obama didn’t tell you how you’d be left with nothing after it was financed to a better money making hospital in California? They defaulted on the loan and screwed people? No way. Have fun trusting these idiots that justify what you do in your life by punishing those that work and rewarding the thieves in this society. Canada health care takes days to fix a broken bone, so it was a good bet. It’s actually very hopeless at this point.

  • Bob Gooch

    Lots odd fellows lurking on street corners in Ashland. Maybe now they’ll go to the library for their guy-guy time. Free pills with every book return Ashlandeers!

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