Veterans Boycott NFL Games

PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- Thousands of veterans across the country are taking part in a protest against the NFL this Veterans Day weekend.

Newswatch 16 stopped by the Polish American Veterans Club near Wilkes-Barre on Sunday where veterans refused to show any NFL games.

The boycott follows weeks of protests by some players, sitting or kneeling during the national anthem. Players have said they're protesting unfair treatment of minorities by law enforcement.

Veterans there tell Newswatch 16 the NFL boycotts are taking place all over.

"I've talked to friends of mine in Florida and different places. In fact, there was a guy in here before, his son's down in Norfolk. They're doing it all over the place," said Sam Austim, Navy Veteran.

Instead of football, the club showed NASCAR races, golf, and an old Phillies game.


  • E

    Remember when freedom was what defined America? NFL players kneeling has injured 0 people. There are so many worse things happening every day, but someone told you to be offended by kneeling so you are. Are you offended when they stretch that big flag across the field, because the flag code tells you that is disrespectful too. I never heard any complaints about that. Flag/flag-like clothing? Equally disrespectful. How about all of the traitors that fly the confederate flag, a literal symbol of a treasonous act? Why no rage there?
    Face it. You’re not offended. You’re just a flock of sheep going where you are lead.

    • warningfakenews

      Freedom STILL defines America. They are free to protest, we are free to boycott. We don’t owe them a living, should we choose to spend our time, money, and attention elsewhere.

  • lester

    There are bigger problems than overpaid fugg tards to worry about. Sadly, by not watching, they still get paid for than you can every imagine. You pay your TV bill, you pay these silly turds no matter if you watch or not.

  • What it be

    Feed this. They should all be fired then they could sign up for welfare these coaches that are having the eight year kids kneel should be arrested for spreading hate to our youth.SO BAD!!!

  • lookback

    Yea that really worked, NFL attendance was way up yesterday and legion attendance was way down. Nice way for them to shoot themselves in the foot but then no one ever said Trumpers were the brightest of bulbs.

    • warningfakenews

      The NFL and the networks are desperately trying to repair the mess they’ve created. Unfortunately, as exemplified by none other than Jerry Jones, they’ve collectively crossed the line and it’s looking that their only motivation at this point is to salvage their cash cow. The problem here is they’ve gored their own ox.

  • Clarissa

    Sooo, if your friends jumped off a bridge, would you. Come on people, this whole thing is about race. The support should be AGAINST racism. Sadly, so many in our area are closet racists. If you’re going to protest something you should at least be honest about the reason.

    • El~Ma

      Un………..”CLARISSA,” there wouldn’t BE any “racism” if people like Sharpton and Jesse Jackson didn’t keep stirring the Noir Pot Of Hatred. Get over yourself and your “current year” SJW slogans.

      The multi-million-dollar-salaried players of the NFL absolutely have a right to protest. On their OWN time, and not when people are paying their salaries by purchasing tickets, merchandise, and products that sponsor a SPORTING EVENT.

      The NFL is dying of Colin (Kaepernick) Cancer. This is what happens when tomfoolery is overlooked by a fearful commissioner instead of holding people accountable for their actions while they are on the clock.

      • No end in sight

        No. A fearful commissioner would cave to the PR pressure and disallow the protest.
        Personally, I find it obnoxious and often disingenuous when players thank God for a win…. as if God somehow chose them over the other team. I find it obnoxious, but I don’t expect the NFL to ban it because it’s not harming anyone.
        The idea that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are responsible for perpetuating racism is ridiculous, and the thought that racism would end if people stopped talking about it is foolish, if sincere, but I suspect it is not. I suspect that more people that object to the players kneeling don’t care about ending racism. They just want the black players to ‘know their place and keep quiet’, and that’s why it’s going to continue happening for this season and perhaps beyond.

  • Steroids Been Good To Me

    These players who are kneeling are nothing more than jocks with an exaggerated sense of self importance. Never forget that they get paid millions to throw a ball.

  • McCracken

    I respect each veteran’s personal choice. Some choose to continue to support their team; some don’t. Neither of them is wrong. They have more than earned the right to choose for themselves.

    • Givemeabreak

      Agreed. It’s just one big distraction from what we should be worried about. Like healthcare and tax reform. Or how our politicians just keep blaming one side or another when they are all to blame. The politicians are using it as a misdirection. I can imagine political advisors saying; Let’s get them to talk about the NFL and have them focus their anger on them instead of us while we screw the American people.

  • Tom Brady

    Attendance was up at stadiums. Veterans and active military personnel were honored during the national anthem. Beautiful NFL Sunday…why don’t all you upset old farts worry about the real issues in the world today. You know, like North Korea, ISIS, drugs, deranged individuals shooting up public places etc. Get over it!

    • CeeMe

      You’re as big a woose as your namesake. If you’ve never been in combat, then hush up! What do you know? Lots of people bring up the past. Look at BLM and the Civil War. Tell them to get over it, too.

    • Writer Girl

      It seems to me the NFL players are the ones who need to get over slavery and the 60’s, neither of which they experienced. I know, even now, America is such a racist country. They’ve been so oppressed making millions for playing a game.. Boring!

      • Givemeabreak

        I do not support the players kneeling during the anthem at all. I think that time is a time to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. That being said, no one is protesting slavery or the 60’s. The protest is for equality, unity, and to bring attention to police brutality.

  • The Junto

    Rome had something like this. It fell because it was not America. Realize what you are losing when it is being lost.

  • PAVlov's Bell

    What delicate flowers they are.
    I know, I know, they did not risk their lives for no dark skinned fellow to have a say.
    This country will advance when that generation goes to pasture.

  • Feed Me More

    the governent protests veterans everyday, not just sundays, the nfl protests dont even have anything to do with veterans its about police brutality and inequality, but like most americans, we want everything to be about us so we will do and say whatever we can to get attention, so we pretend its about veterans, wake up

    • Writer Girl

      Inequality? Like all whites are privledged? Brutality? You’d be brutal to if your life was on the line from thugs. It’s about obsessed idiots who can’t get over the fact that they aren’t being compensated for slavery. What a bunch of losers. They’re as bad as illegal.

      • Feed Me More

        yea your right, their lives are on the line when they shoot people in the back or use lethal force as the first option when they are not in immediate danger, when they choke out and beat people to death, when there are videos of guys handcuffed and defenseless as they taser them until they die. makes sense because colored people are the devil.

    • El~Ma

      FEED ME MORE, it IS about this country, veterans, and everything that we have worked to achieve, as a Nation.

      What you want is redress for past trangressions. You’re not going to get it. Nor, will any of your fellow black people. Every person experiences injustice, bar none, and misfortune doesn’t have a bead on Y-ou People. Get over yourselves. “Injustice” doesn’t factor into ANY discussion when someone plays a sport for tens of millions of dollars and then sh*ts right on the Nation that made it possible for them to live that high-life. The only people that have any right to complain in this country are the indigenous Nations, and they were treated with more brutality than black ancestors were.

      All of Y-ou People need to drop to BOTH knees, thank Rev. King for his sacrifices, stop blaming and making excuses, START holding one another accountable, START teaching your children that making babies isn’t our primary goal in Life, and START expecting higher standards from each and every person within your culture.

      Try taking your whining, petulant antics to……South Africa, Somalia, Republic of Congo, or Rwanda. Try it and see how far it gets you. You’re either part of the problem, or part of the solution. Today, it’s a CHOICE, not a cultural assignation. Get your sh*t together and develop an attitude of gratitude, for crissakes.

  • Draft Dodger Donald

    “John McCain is no war hero” ” I do not prefer POW’s” quotes from president Dotard. Protest him!!!!!!!!!!

    • warningfakenews

      Suppose someone does something admirable early on, even something really, really admirable. Does that mean they get a free pass from then on to be as disloyal and corrupt as they choose for the rest of their lives?

      I didn’t think so. Maybe Trump didn’t phrase it well, and you can fault HIM for that- but McCain is royally deserving of the dressing down based on his subsequent actions.

      • speak up sonny

        Would you please speak up sonny, I can’t hear what you’re saying. Type louder – it looks like you’re saying you like wieners. That’s just weird. What kind of guy likes wieners? There was this guy in another unit that used to hang around the latrine…

      • Yahweh is in control

        I worship the God of Moses, Abraham, and David. The One you will stand in front of some day to account for your actions here on earth, just like myself and everyone else will. You can be smug and witty all you want, some day you WILL meet your maker. I pray you won’t regret your actions in the here-and-now.

      • We Wuz Kangs N Sheet

        These so called albinoids are forcing us melanin brothers and sisters to obey their laws and not the laws of Jeshua.

        Oh sheet. It’s okay to be white now.

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