Search Continues for Missing Man in Luzerne County

LEHMAN TOWNSHIP -- The search for a missing man in Luzerne County has not turned up anything for a third day.

Adam Lutz, 22, of Nanticoke, was last seen Thursday night after he apparently pulled his car over on Roberts Street and Route 29 near Lake Silkworth.

Search and dive crews were on the lake again Sunday. Police say the search is now a recovery effort and believe Lutz is in the lake.

"I believe that's the case at this point. We're focusing our efforts on the water. There are still some people out on foot searching areas, but this general area within miles has been searched on foot, also by helicopter, so pretty much the ground has been covered," said Lehman Township Police Officer Harold Cain.

The search efforts will pick up again Monday.


  • cherline

    Whats going on with Mt Top driver that smashed into a family?
    Thats real news.
    I wish this guy well but this story adds no new news.

    • Brandon Hussong

      It is more of a closure issue. No one seen him fall into the water. He was not in a boat. They have to make sure that he did not meet some sort of foul play. That area has been known for very troubling crimes in the past ten years. Thanks for your inbred comment though. You are such a weak coward that you have to hide being a computer screen.

    • Yanks

      Grumpy, I do know a lot of people like you. Miserable life, no friends, certainly no girlfriend! Trying to pretend like you do have family and friends that like you? Probably not a real handsome man either? Just sayin!!

      • Grumpy old man

        You’re correct Yanks. No family, no friends, no dog, and I’m ugly. I’m actually very pathetic. It’ll be some sad upcoming holidays for me. But I do have a 20 year old computer and the will to type away with my arthritic fingers. As far as pooing myself? Well, that Depends.

      • Yanks

        Dont be so hard on yourself Grumpy. I am sure you have family, not so sure how often they hang with you though. Sarcasm generally equals truth, especially in your case. Even ugly guys have girlfriends though. Do you have a job? Thinking no…. Enjoy the holidays!!

      • Grumpy old man

        Nope. No job either bud. Just social security disability. 30 years ago the State considered me an incompetent alcoholic that couldn’t read or write. But I sure can sign them checks!

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