Driver Charged Following Police Chase in Hazleton

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HAZLETON -- A high-speed chase through part of Luzerne County has a man facing a slew of charges.

According to police, Rafael Sanchez Pinales, 21, took off in a rental car after officers tried to pull him over for speeding, blowing through a stop sign, and almost hitting five pedestrians around 5 a.m. Sunday.

Pinales refused to pull over and led police through Hazleton and West Hazleton. Police said he finally stopped after he nearly crashed head on into a police cruiser. He then took off running. He left his car in gear, however, and it rolled into a police cruiser.

Police eventually caught Pinales.

Investigators believe he was driving under the influence of alcohol. He faces charges including fleeing and eluding, DUI, accidents involving damage to attended vehicles, driving without lights to avoid arrest, reckless driving, and other traffic violations.


  • john williams

    Put him in a labor camp until his debts for his damages are paid, then export him to where he came from. Hopefully, the wall will be going up by then.

  • Think Positive

    I think about what all of this violent crime is doing to the kids, and what the world will be like in 20 years. Kids are losing respect for their elders due to rampant drug us, violent crime and pedophilia. Who are they supposed to look up to when they see this kind of thing everyday.

  • Shatpants

    Any of you viewers ever have a romp in Frackville? For a good laugh go to a borough council meeting there. Pervy vibes


    Hazleton is pretty bad! its like a third world country with felonies being committed everyday amongst the old row homes and vacant factories. There is reason Harvard sociologists recently had a study where this is the most depressing place in the United States. The sad part of hazleton is the deflated skook is even more depressing. Youth sports crazies and posting repeatedly on face book for validity keeps these parents from a mental collapse.

  • What kind of plan do ya want

    There sending the best of the best dreamers to the four corners where’s Daniel Day Lewis when ya need him !

  • get real

    Such “useful” comments from the racists here who drool with delight, as if they won the lottery, when they stumble upon a brown/black face associated with a crime here. “Useful” only as they illuminate how ignorance and hate (cloaked in distorted Christianity) abounds in NEPA. Of course to you, the mountain of disgusting and heinous crimes seen on these pages committed by white people have nothing to do with *their* skin color….trash is as trash does.

    • I for one have had all I`m gonna take!

      How dare we even suggest such a thing or be called racist! We should just continue to watch our payroll taxes and property taxes increase, pay increassing car insurance and homeowners insurance, go into debt sending our kids to college, pay 7.7% of our wages to Social Security, Watch our paid health insurance go to crap while they bypass paying their fair share while overloading our social service programs, hospitals and schools. HOW DARE WE! Just keep working and paying our taxes and just keep our mouths shut or we are labeled racist! It is ok to keep having kids like a PEZ dispenser…we will pay to feed, raise and educate them!

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