Cuts for a Cause: Laflin Barber Raising Money for Brothers Killed in Fire

LAFLIN -- Kevin Uren opened up his barbershop in Laflin in heart-warming style. On his first official day of business, Uren was giving free haircuts to his customers.

Uren says all donations are going to the American Red Cross, to help the family of three young fire victims: Erik Dupree, Devon Major, and Ezekiel Major.

The three brothers passed away after a fire was set at the family's home, just a short distance away from Kevin's Barbershop.

At the time, investigators called the fire "one of the most difficult and emotional cases" they've ever had. Uren's reaction was similar.

"I was shocked," Uren said. "At first, I was thinking it was just a house fire or stove fire, but when I heard it was arson, I just couldn't believe it."

Uren lives only a few houses down from where the fire took place that rocked this community. He wanted to help out any way he could, and his customers are happy that they can help the family.

"This whole thing here is amazing to see the community come together and be able to help the family out," Donald Cromer of Wilkes-Barre said. "Everything that they have to do to finally put these beautiful kids to rest."

"I do it for the kids," Vincent Loomis of Wilkes-Barre said. "They actually lost their lives in the fire and I did it for the kids."

Since Uren lives in the same neighborhood, he remembers seeing the brothers from time to time.

"They really were a tight, little family," Uren added. "They didn't come out much. They played up and down the road every once in a while, but they didn't come out much."

Next Sunday and Monday, Uren will continue to cut hair for free in hopes that the donations for the brothers will keep coming in.

The ex-boyfriend of the boys' mother has been charged in the deadly fire.


  • Plymouth Joe

    Good to see Kevin got his life straightened out. He was involved in selling drugs. Did some time I think for it.

  • Bob Gooch

    Good to see the barber shops making a comeback. I used to live in Frackville and would get neat cuts at Mr Jim’s barber shop but it all went down hill after he got a little too close to a kid. Molestation aside, I give the trims there a solid 7.5 out of 10. Playboys on the john, always welcome to drop heat there.

    -Bob Gooch

    • ilovetheDK

      I heard the old Frackville barber shop is up for sale. This Would be a good place for a new celebrity room, dive bar or a youth football statue.

    • Barbiegirl

      If the celebrity room reopens please private message me for employment opportunities. I worked there in the 90s and made people smile.

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