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Search for a Missing Man in Luzerne County

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LEHMAN TOWNSHIP -- Crews had been in the cold all day Saturday searching in Lehman Township for a missing man.

Adam Lutz, 22, of Nanticoke was last seen late Thursday night driving with a friend near Harveys Lake and Lake Silkworth.

Lutz apparently pulled his car over on Roberts Street and Route 29 near Lake Silkworth and never returned.

Since then, police have been in the water using sonar equipment.

Emergency crews, including a state police helicopter, spent time looking around the lake.

Family and friends have also been searching around the lake for Lutz.

Police are also using surveillance footage for any clues on the whereabouts of Lutz.

"We have multiple crews out here. It's started from the minute it started up until today, and we will continue, and fingers crossed, we will find something today that will help us in our investigation," stated Lehman Township Police Officer Harold Cain.

Lehman Township police urge anyone with more information about Adam Lutz to contact them.

They plan to continue their search Sunday morning.


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