Rededication Ceremony for WWI Monument in Danville

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DANVILLE -- This Veterans Day, many people took time out of their day to pay tribute to the sacrifices made by men and women in uniform, including in Montour County.

Veterans were among those who gathered at Memorial Park in Danville where a World War I memorial was rededicated on Saturday after being restored.

Also in attendance was the widow of Amos Jones. Jones was injured in France during the war which the U.S. became involved with 100 years ago.

The monument was restored thanks to money from veterans groups in the area.

"This monument was originally dedicated in 1919 to welcome home all the WWI soldiers when they came home from the war." Doug Resseguie, Danville American Legion.

According to organizers, Danville first dedicated the monument in 1919 and held a four-day celebration with parades each day and a carnival.