Entering Peak of the Rut, Watch Out for Deer!

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- Damaged cars have been flooding Pocono Motion Body Shop in Stroud Township for the past few weeks.

The reason for the damage?

"We have been going crazy with deer hits this year. Two years ago, I had maybe three deer hits, this year I've had about 30," said Rich Banks, Pocono Motion Body Shop.

As we enter what is called the peak of the rut, or deer mating season, bucks and does are more active and more likely to jump out into the road.

Rich Banks say this is one of the busiest years for deer collisions his business has seen in his 33 years.

"They are all front-end hits and are pretty easy in and out, five-day jobs. It's an inconvenience to the person, though, because they have to rent a car and the average person doesn't want to rent a car. They want to be in their own car," said Banks.

Body shop owners at Pocono Motion say not only are drivers hitting deer on the highways, but they are also hitting them on local roads, too.

Scott Dunkelberger works at Dunkelberger's on Main Street in Stroudsburg. He's also a hunter. He expects deer to be active on roadways for the next several weeks.

"They are all over the place and they are so excited this time of year. For them, it only comes once a year and it's just how nature works itself," said Dunkelberger.

According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, the peak of the rut is November 12 through November 18.


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