Crews Get the Snowball Rolling at Camelback Mountain Resort

CAMELBACK SKI RESORT -- It's still fall but it's looking more like winter at some of the ski resorts in our area.

Camelback Mountain Resort near Tannersville is one of the resorts that started making snow Friday morning and Camelback plans to continue it throughout the weekend.

Managers at Camelback say is actually early for them to start making snow but because it's going to continue to be cold throughout the weekend, they couldn't pass up the opportunity.

The leaves on trees are still showing signs of fall but the snow tubing hill at Camelback is starting to look more like a winter wonderland.

Julia Beynon from New Jersey saw the snow guns blasting white powder from the interstate.

"Very excited, especially after last winter. It didn't end on a high but this winter we are thinking with the … La Nina coming through, that we will have a good cold winter with a lot of snow," Beynon said.

Managers at the mountain say this is a little early for crews to start running the guns, but with cold temperatures all weekend long, they couldn't pass up the opportunity to get this snowball rolling.

"We've installed new guns, updated different parts of our system, and it really allows us that when temperatures drop like they just did, to be ready to hit the ground running," said Camelback's Dru Brooks.

Snow guns are going to keep going until Sunday morning and as long as Mother Nature cooperates, the plan is to get this mountain open as soon as possible.

Right now, crews are focusing on covering the snow tubing section because it's easier to maintain in case it gets warmer.

"It would get kind of lost if we did it on the mountain, so we can really focus here on a small condensed area so we can make a difference that will hold up through the warm spell we are going to get in the next couple of days and be able to go as a good base layer we can build on for the rest of the season," Brooks explained.

At The Loft, a ski shop in Pocono Township, workers are already flooded with customers anxious to get ski and snowboarding season started.

"A lot of people will start coming in to get their rentals, boards waxed, or skis done which is awesome because people want to get that done so they can go right up," said Courtney Fish, The Loft.

Camelback's managers say as long as it stays cold and they can make snow, the snow tubing area could be open as early as Thanksgiving.

The resort is hosting a season kick-off party Saturday night where apparently people dance around to the god of snow, so, who knows? Maybe that will help jump-start the season soon.

Montage Mountain in Scranton and other ski resorts in the area also began making snow Friday.

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