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Brrr! Temperatures Expected to Dip into Teens this Weekend

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Don't let the clear sunny skies fool you, temperatures are dropping.

"I mean, I hit the sunlight and I thought it was alright but then the wind got up and it's getting pretty cold. It will be really cold tonight,” George Gray.

"It's a blizzard! It was snowing earlier this morning. Yeah, little flakes here and there," said Russell Scott.

It's not a blizzard but it was cold enough this week for Russell Scott of Williamsport to wear his winter jacket and gloves.

According to Newswatch 16 Chief Meteorologist Kurt Aaron, this weekend some parts of northeastern and central PA could hit record-breaking lows for this time of year.

On Saturday night in Williamsport, temps could dip to 15 degrees! That's a few degrees lower than the record low of 18 degrees on that date back in 1952.

"I think everybody put four shirts and two jackets," said Scott.

"It would be nice to have some nicer weather like last week but I guess it's coming,” said Dwayne Alexander.

A landscaper for Tebb's in Old Lycoming Township, Dwayne Alexander is used to dressing in layers.

"It's nothing out of the ordinary just out being so warm then so cold," said Alexander.

At American Rescue Workers, a nonprofit in Williamsport they are preparing for winter, but some of their customers didn't expect it would get cold so fast.

"This week alone I've had probably about 25 people ask me if they could have a coat voucher," said Cleveland Way from American Rescue Workers.

"Shivering a little bit, especially on my back since the sun is shining this way (on my face)," said Leonard Rich.

When Newswatch 16 met Leonard Rich he was wearing just a t-shirt and jeans. Rich moved from Philadelphia to Williamsport to be with his family, but he didn't bring much with him. It's why he came to American Rescue Workers for a coat.

"I know it's going to get colder sooner or later I'm going to need a coat," said Rich.

"That's why I love the place where I work because we are able to help in those situations," said Way.

American Rescue Workers also have several beds for people looking to get out of the cold this weekend. However, according to Newswatch 16's Kurt Aaron we should be seeing more normal seasonal temps by Sunday.


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