Veterans Day Weekend NFL Boycott in Plains Township

PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- There are more than half a dozen televisions inside the Polish American Veterans club in Plains Township.

This Veterans Day weekend, none of the screens will show NFL games.

The club's leaders voted unanimously to boycott the NFL this weekend.

“I think it's something we need to do. We need to support our veterans, you know. What we have in this country the reason we have it is because of our veterans. They're the ones who in some cases made the ultimate sacrifice,” said club member Donald Nixon.

There's been controversy for months now as some NFL players sit or kneel during the national anthem, protesting in part what they call unfair treatment of minorities by members of law enforcement.

Some call the protests disrespectful.

The Polish American Veterans club commander is a retired state trooper and Marine Corps veteran.

"Police officers are out there to do their job, quick decisions have to be made. I hope each and every time they make a good decision. If bad decisions are made, the court should decide that. By kneeling down because you don't like what police officers are doing, I hope you have all the information,” said Commander Jerome Majeski.

The Veterans Day weekend boycott is being promoted on Facebook and tens of thousands around the country have pledged to tune out the NFL this weekend.

This club has 1,750 members.

Not showing football on Sunday may make some upset, but leaders say it's the right thing to do.

"If we lose patronage, fine, we'll do it, we'll take the hit, it's not a problem. Veterans make that sacrifice. We're willing to do it,” said Commander Majeski.

The leadership here at the Polish American Veterans organization says the boycott of the NFL may go past this Sunday.

They could vote to continue the boycott every Sunday through the rest of the year.

"We feel strongly about our country and we're very proud of our country and our servicemen who gave their lives so they can have the opportunity to play football. We're in favor of protesting the NFL, watching the football games for the rest of the year in here,” said Dave Wysocki of Plains Township.


  • Concerned

    The protests are NOT about disrespecting the flag or veterans. The flag code of this country does NOT hold any information about kneeling being disrespectful. Our veterans fought for the freedom of this country and that includes the right to peacefully protest when we do not feel that our government is providing protection for its citizens as it is supposed to do. These protests are about opening up a conversation and about protesting the unfair treatment of black citizens by the police. Relating to this and all similar posts that mention it, Black Lives Matter (BLM) or any other related group is NOT saying that other lives do not matter; they are stating that black lives also matter. They are stating that black people are citizens of this country and that they deserve the same rights and freedoms that other citizens of this country deserve. I support BLM and other civil rights organizations because I don’t think it’s right that Freddie Gray gets arrested for running from the police, gets beaten, a crushed voice box and spinal cord, and dies after going comatose from his injuries, yet Dylan Roof can enter a church and murder 9 people and get a ride to BK and a free meal before getting booked. That’s not fair, it’s not just, and it’s not right.

  • Chuck

    200,000 Amish don’t pledge or stand for the national anthem, 8 million Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t stand for the anthem or say the pledge. Football…peewee…high school ….college and professional is the only sport I enjoy. It will be a cold day in heck when I let that imbecile spoil it for me. Make sure ya’ll stand and remove your hats at home when they play it at the NASCAR finale…lol

  • Yeah i said that!

    I’d rather be a 14 year old boy locked in Kevin Spacey’s basement for a year than I would to admit being a government brainwashed, bootlegged thug veteran. Most vets probably didn’t get the privilege to read my post because they already committed suicide.

  • Phil

    Everyone needs to realize they are not protesting or disrespecting the Armed Forces. They are protesting the racism and police brutality throughout the country.

  • PAVlov's Bell

    “Boycotting ” the NFL the same week the Eagles have a bye, in an area much closer to Philly than Pittsburgh.
    What sacrifice!

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