Veterans Day Weekend NFL Boycott in Plains Township

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- There are more than half a dozen televisions inside the Polish American Veterans club in Plains Township.

This Veterans Day weekend, none of the screens will show NFL games.

The club's leaders voted unanimously to boycott the NFL this weekend.

“I think it's something we need to do. We need to support our veterans, you know. What we have in this country the reason we have it is because of our veterans. They're the ones who in some cases made the ultimate sacrifice,” said club member Donald Nixon.

There's been controversy for months now as some NFL players sit or kneel during the national anthem, protesting in part what they call unfair treatment of minorities by members of law enforcement.

Some call the protests disrespectful.

The Polish American Veterans club commander is a retired state trooper and Marine Corps veteran.

"Police officers are out there to do their job, quick decisions have to be made. I hope each and every time they make a good decision. If bad decisions are made, the court should decide that. By kneeling down because you don't like what police officers are doing, I hope you have all the information,” said Commander Jerome Majeski.

The Veterans Day weekend boycott is being promoted on Facebook and tens of thousands around the country have pledged to tune out the NFL this weekend.

This club has 1,750 members.

Not showing football on Sunday may make some upset, but leaders say it's the right thing to do.

"If we lose patronage, fine, we'll do it, we'll take the hit, it's not a problem. Veterans make that sacrifice. We're willing to do it,” said Commander Majeski.

The leadership here at the Polish American Veterans organization says the boycott of the NFL may go past this Sunday.

They could vote to continue the boycott every Sunday through the rest of the year.

"We feel strongly about our country and we're very proud of our country and our servicemen who gave their lives so they can have the opportunity to play football. We're in favor of protesting the NFL, watching the football games for the rest of the year in here,” said Dave Wysocki of Plains Township.


  • warningfakenews

    What really riles the snowflakes here is that they have to come to the NFL’s defense, even though most of them despise the league and the fans, who are disproportionately Trump supporters, in an effort to make it seem like everything is honky-dory even when the players are trying to shove liberalism down everyone’s throats.

    Advertisers are reconsidering their investment, stadiums have tons of empty seats, ESPN is gutting it’s staff again and again, and yet- the snowflakes are like the Wizard of Oz saying ignore the guy pulling the strings behind the curtain… and that guy is Soros, who they want to mold into some sort of hero for turning Europe into Terrorist Heaven.

    Of course, they want the same thing for us, too. Hey, next time you guys notice you’re out of power, go scream helplessly at the sky or something, will ya?

    • Love

      No, stadiums don’t have tons of empty seats lol. Losing teams always have rough attendance. Steelers wait list still 15 years, packers and pats over that. Bills sold out every game. Military still pays for the whole salute to service weekend. Pay for the fly overs. Pay to honor troops. They are so mad they still are paying lol. Stop with the fake outrage.
      PAV is a shady group. Everyone knows that in the area. They however can choose not to broadcast games and I support them in their decision. FYI most current military personnel doesn’t care about the protests. They use to be eating hot dogs pre 2009 til the military started PAYING AND STILL PAY

      • Fire Them All

        Sorry to disappoint but you obviously aren’t actually paying attention to what’s going on. The NFL ratings have been tanking every week since this nonsense started. And it has nothing to do with anything other than their ridiculous protesting. ESPN is laying off record numbers because no one wants to watch their political tripe and the ratings are in the tank.
        If you’d follow a real news organization, they provide actual ratings numbers in the days after the games are on.

      • warningfakenews

        The NFL was so big and powerful compared to any other sport league, and they still are the dominant player. Let’s just say that they’re using that wiggle room to maneuver, but you don’t take all the steps they’re taking to try to make amends when you haven’t offended anyone.

        Needless to say, the NHL, MLB, and NBA will have NONE of this. The NFL’s damage-control machine is running on all cylinders now. ESPN is probably going to go back to showing volleyball and amateur wrestling.

      • sick of fake news

        Hey, Einstein, go over to the Sporting News website (not Breitbart) and read the article from yesterda:

        Published on Nov. 9, 2017
        Sunday NFL pregame shows are known for their hearty laughter. But there has been little to guffaw about this season.

        The NFL’s TV numbers slide has infected long-running pregame shows on ESPN, NBC Sports and CBS Sports. The hardest hit has been ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown” (10 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET), which has lost 15 percent of its viewership.

        With Samantha Ponder succeeding Chris Berman as host after 31 years, ESPN’s “Countdown” has averaged 1.138 million viewers through the first nine weeks of the 2017 season. That’s down 14.8 percent from 1.299 million viewers for the same time period in 2016 and down a whopping 25.4 percent from 1.525 million viewers during the same stretch in 2015.

        MORE: NFL TV numbers plunge deepens

        NBC’s “Football Night in America,” the most-watched studio show in all of sports, averaged 7.359 million viewers through the first nine weeks of the 2017 season. That’s down 7.2 percent from the same period last season. CBS’ “The NFL Today” averaged 3.3 million viewers over the first nine weeks of the season, down 5.7 percent from the same stretch last year. Bolstered by its bigger NFC TV markets, “Fox NFL Sunday,” which has been the top Sunday morning pregame show for decades, is the only NFL pregame show that remains virtually flat this season, with average viewers ticking up 0.6 percent to 4.705 million.

    • Stretch

      You can’t be that out of touch. ESPN is gutting staff because of the world of broadcasting growing. They were the only show for a long time. Now fox sports, nbcsports and others all have their own channel now. Group that with the social media and internet to enjoy sports and they causes them to hemorrhage money.

      • Facts

        Stretch on point

        Yes, it costs cable companies around $8 to carry just ESPN and another $1.25 or so for ESPN2 and ESPNU. Fox Sports is $1.30 for reference. Every cord cutter cuts ESPN pretty deep. Couple that with the enormous pay out they did for Monday Night Football, NBA, and College football, they are struggling to keep profits up. It will be interesting to see what happens to these big TV sports contracts the next go round. I see the networks being a lot more conservative with their bids. This will in turn force salary caps to go down or at least stay flat.

      • Fire Them All

        They’re laying off because the ratings are in the tank because of their political nonsense. That’s why they were having 8000 worldwide cancellations per day when the protests started and they took a hard left into politics. Save the excuses about cost and all the other foolishness.

    • Mr. Pibbles

      WARNINGFAKENEWS: You are an absolute genius! I could only wish I had half your intelligence. You are point on with every post. You are like a stealth bomber, you quietly explode your target then move on to the next. You are a mysterious poster like a shadow in the night. You drop the facts then disappear into the space known as Cyber. You and Lloyd are the hard hitters. Keep up the good work my friends!

      • warningfakenews

        Don’t forget to send me the bill for that, Mr. Pibbles, LOL.
        Honestly, thanks, but I should remind everyone I’m very much human and screw up daily. It keeps me humble.

      • El~Ma

        WARNINGFAKENEWS, careful about flattering accolades on THIS site……….I got the same thing and ended up getting banned, reported, deleted, and harassed. Careful, careful, and just continue posting your thoughts and views, particularly with the statistics that you provide. :-)

      • warningfakenews

        What happens happens. It’s their site. I wish no one harm, I wish for all: Enlightenment. It’s an awesome thing.


        I Have seen a lot of bombers crash and burn. All this because of one frizzy headed ass football player. He should be ashamed to wear Number 7. Although it is 2 different sports Mickey Mantle is probably throwing up right now. He stood proud.

  • Love

    Good ole PAV. The ones that have a permit for “youth” fish day and hardly any youths fish. They then proceed to take a gill net and sweep the pond or river they fanned so nobody else can fish and they all take their share. The club is odd.

  • Kyriel West

    You guys are protesting the NFL players for disrespecting the National Anthem, the flag, and veterans. So you are no different than the players. ALL of you are exercising your First Amendment rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, which I served to defend for 26 years of my life. I did not serve to defend a flag, or a song. They are just SYMBOLS of the country, like the eagle. People in the USA shoot eagles and burn flags.Where is the national liberal media outrage over this? Our National Anthem’s words were put to the tune of a BRITISH DRINKING SONG, “To Anacreon in Heaven”! So we stand to honor a drinking song. The flag of the Southern Confederacy everyone is protesting as a symbol of slavery? It existed for a little over 4 years. But slavery existed under the Stars and Stripes for 85 years of our national history BEFORE the Confederacy even existed. Should we be PROUD to salute THAT flag?
    When Colin Kaepernick started his protest, it had nothing to do with any of the above. It was about police profiling minorities and an elected Congress that seems to ignore any of the problems. Where did it start to disrespect veterans, the flag and the National Anthem? Liberal media wanting to create a news sensation? A POTUS with a big mouth who has more problems to worry about than athletes standing or kneeling for the National Anthem?
    As a veteran, I do NOT care if these people stand or not. IT DOES NOT OFFEND ME AT ALL. I DO NOT FEEL DISRESPECTED, except by a government I spent a good portion of my life serving.
    People of the USA, we have more important problems to solve!

      • Kyriel West

        Opinions are like a**holes…everyone’s got one. You’re entitled to yours and I have mine. ENOUGH SAID!
        Don’t try to start a war over it.

      • Kyriel West

        I have just two questions for you,sir.
        !. Which branch of the military and how many years did you serve?
        2. Just how red is your neck?

        YOU’LL never get it!!!

    • Liberal Patriot

      Mr. West, thank you for your sensible, well-written comment. Our uniquely beautiful country, a beacon of light and freedom for more than 200 years, is strong enough to allow all of us to have a voice. It’s a big tent, under which we can all fit. We need not agree on all subjects or walk in lock-step. We just need to see each other as humans, not awful stereotypes. Thank you for your service, sir, and God bless you and all who have served.

      • Kyriel West

        You’re welcome. If I could go back in time, I would do it all over again. Happy Veterans Day to all who have
        served this country.

  • Pay attention.

    The players are kneeling FOR the veterans, you morons. Read the oath; veterans fight to protect our Constitution, not a song or a flag. So take your bloated, misplaced sense of patriotism and shove it, you crybabies.

    Oh, and Happy Veterans Day to all the folks affected by the massacre in Texas, where an Air Force veteran shot up a church last week.

  • warningfakenews

    The players are perfectly within their rights to protest in whatever manner they choose.
    The owners are completely within their rights to join them, should they choose, or allow them if that’s as far as they wish to go.
    The fans are within their rights to boycott the games, the televised games, NFL merchandise, or sponsors’ products and services.
    People who aren’t even interested in football may join the boycotts of the NFL’s sponsors, and they are within their rights to do so.
    So, go ahead, stab our military in the back and spit in their face, it’s YOUR RIGHT which has been preserved by THEM. We’ll be exercising OUR rights, too. Everyone’s happy.

  • Fake patriot

    If the NFL disappeared tomorrow and there was no mention of it in the news, I would probably never know about it. That’s how much I care about their silly franchise. That said, what does not watching any games for one day do? If you truly want to boycott them, you don’t buy the TV season ticket, you write to their sponsors and tell them you won’t buy their product until they sever from them, you don’t purchase any ‘official NFL’ merchandise. They play and exist for the money, stop giving to them. Not watching does nothing.

    • Conservative Patriot

      I agree for the most part but not watching the games drops their ratings and therefore the income from sponsors. So it does send a message.

      • Stretch

        Their ratings aren’t dropping and the military still pays to advertise with them. They pay to fly over. They pay for this whole salute to service weekend. They pay to honor specific vets during halftime etc. They pay to have the band perform at different NFL venues. The military brass knows what’s good for business.

      • Stretch

        Ok split hairs. They choose to use their tax payer funded advertising dollars on the NFL. Lots of it. Why isn’t the military brass taking the money elsewhere. Well you know the answer to that

  • i quit..


    • Pay attention.

      Google is your friend. Ask an adult to help you do your own research. Fair warning: You may not like the answer you find.

      • warningfakenews

        Google isn’t a friend to ANYONE who uses their services.

        When they chose “Don’t be evil” as a slogan early on, they let their true intentions slip out. Life gives you more of whatever you put your attention on and our emotional core ignores words of negation.

        “Some people say, ‘I want to get out of debt!’, that’ll keep you in debt FOREVER. If you want to get out of debt, set up an automatic repayment plan and focus on prosperity” – Bob Proctor

    • E

      Kaepernick himself donated over $1 million to various charities last season. He also hosted an event that worked with youth to teach them how to properly interact with law enforcement.

  • Dave

    Watch the bathroom become very busy with guys needing to check on their teams score. You guys are taking this to far..Whats next you will get your side to make a statement at games by bringing your guns to the game and that would be OK with you..

  • lookback

    Yes as a veteran I remember thinking, I am doing all this so people have a right to play football, what a crock. This is just another right wing group twisting and lying about what the kneeling protesters represent. It is easy to twist the truth, the PAV is unAmerican because they refuse to turn the TV on when the national anthem is playing, they are therefore protesting against our national anthem and disrespecting our troops and vets., it’s so easy to be biased like the PAV, it just isn’t very patriotic. No worries though, on Sunday I will turn on all 3 TVs in my house and maybe even take a knee in protest of the PAV. Stop acting like Russian serfs and Trump fake patriots and return to American values, it will do wonders for your soul if it still exists.

    • Fake patriot

      You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you? So when the Anthem is played at every NASCAR race, are we all supposed to stop what we’re doing wherever we are, face in the direction of the track they are racing at, remove our hats and place our hand on our hearts? Otherwise we’re just as disrespectful? And you served? Wow…

    • Lord Chesterfield

      If the NFL players that take issue with the treatment of minorities (or whatever this is about), were serious they would refuse to play. Until they do, they’re a joke. Just like you they vomit verbiage sourced from hucksters.

      • Pay attention.

        If they refuse to play, they don’t get paid. If they don’t get paid, they can’t donate millions to local organizations – including veterans organizations – as many players continue to do.

        Get over yourself.

  • Lord Chesterfield

    This is what the well paid professionals want to bring attention too? The media is ‘all in’ as well, cheerleading from the sideline fueling protests and destruction so they can wave their pompoms on the coverage of these events too. Meanwhile the casualty rates inside our cities surpasses declared war zones. Better wake yup!

  • Wake up.

    This is a right the First Amendment guarantees. I couldn’t care less about sport ball and who boycotts it, but most of the veterans I know are fine with people exercising the very right for which they served. Sit, kneel, boycott, or ignore the whole thing. That’s everyone’s right.

    • Bob Calvey

      Wake up I agree with you 100 percent my deal is I used to go to the NFL to get away from the world and all the crap going on and one other thing where were they in Feb March April May June

    • sick of fake news

      Good God are you ignorant. Yet another libtard to educate. The first amendment does NOT prevent private employers (like the NFL) from regulating workplace conduct including speech. Do you actually think Starbucks would tolerate its workers handing out Vote Trump pamphlets and proselytizing while making you a latte or McDonald’s employers telling you abortion is morally wrong while handing you your fries?
      The first amendment prohibits CONGRESS aka the government aka the state not private companies from limiting free speech, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!

      First Amendment – Religion and Expression. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

      • Wake up.

        I never said anything about the employment aspect of it. That’s a whole other thing. The NFL can fire their employees if they breach contract.

      • Dave

        Perhaps instead of using the word educate “which you plagiarized from democrats” you should use words like indoctrinate or brainwash and even then you will have a hard time convincing a group that the” facts” point out are more educated. Instead you steal their words. Seems what you guys are good at is name calling,spreading lie’s and false news “another thing you bestow on yourself that the other guy has fake news and you stole that from the Left also”. I see a pattern and you have no thoughts of your own. Did I mention you still believe Obama was born in Africa and things like Sandy hook never happened. You are a pathetic individual who posts on here daily with more than likely many IDs so you can give yourself as many thumbs up.

      • sick of fake news

        @Dave are you joking? I ‘plagiarized” the word “educate” from the left? What on earth are you smoking? Yet another libtard who can’t think for himself. I guess ‘educate’ is too big of a word for you. What a dumocrat.

        Funny you must be clairvoyant as well and know what I think about where Obama was born. Stop ascribing thoughts and actions to me without knowing what the F you’re talking about. Yet another left wing fool.

    • sick of fake news

      “I never said anything about the employment aspect of it.”

      Uh, yeah you did since your entire assertion of first amendment right has to do with these players’ actions while AT THEIR WORKPLACE DURING WORK.

      Just admit you were pontificating without knowing what you were talking about and did not really know what the first amendment says.

    • pushing buttons

      “Sick Of Fake News”. Read the damn post before you start typing your parroted Limbaugh/Fox knee-jerk comments. “Wake Up” was talking about the vets rights — not the players! The problem with you and yours is that you are so indoctrinated, you not only can’t critically analyze information , you can’t even comprehend what you read.

      • sick of fake news

        Uh, i think you’re the one who failed to comprehend the original post. It’s talking about the rights of kneeling and protesting. Where are these vets kneeling exactly now? It was an obvious reference to the unpatriotic players asserting some misguided notion they have a right to protest on the company’s time.

    • Marvin

      Of course they have a right to protest, but do it on their own time, not at work. If you even have a job, do you think your employer would let you protest on company time?

  • pushing buttons

    Respect for the military??… So where’s your outrage that trump is sending more troops to Afghanistan to protect US mineral and mining interests and make Karzai richer? Where’s your outrage over Niger? (trumps’ Benghazi). Where was the outrage when Bush sent thousands to die in Iraq for absolutely nothing to do with protecting “freedom”? Talk about a lack of respect towards the military!! Unfortunately few troops (with the exception of small groups of special ops), since WWII have had missions that protect anything more than corporate profits. Most troops “protect” wealthy military contractors (think Cheney’s Halliburton/Blackwater etc) who receive no-bid billion dollar contracts to build infrastructure that should be built here. The decimation of our economy and public schools by the rich thus making the military the only viable job option for the poor and lower-middle class (to protect Exxon’s et al interests) is the real tragedy here. Stop drinking the 1%’s Kool Aid as served by fake-patriot criminals like Fox/Limbaugh et al who take billions in advertising at your expense (and of course never served or would allow their kids to serve). Demand true respect for the military by not putting them in harm’s way to make the rich richer. Someone kneeling is the least of our problems.

    • Bob Calvey

      Hey pushing buttons did you ever do your homework on Cheney’s haliburton I did seems that they have been doing work with fed government since oh I’d say in the late 1950s check it out

      • pushing buttons

        There is a huge difference between their oil services work in the fifties which were awarded through a standard COMPETITIVE bidding process and the 2003 and onward Cheney corrupt NO BID (and even worse COST-PLUS) contracts which had the effect of allowing Halliburton to overcharge to the point of obscenity. The Pentagon itself complained to no avail.Your tax dollars at work. Do the homework.

    • Lord Chesterfield

      If the media outlets your sourcing from in your rant, covered casualty rates over seas, violence inside our cities, the quality of life experienced by active military and the inner city youth perhaps others would ask those questions as well. But 24/7 Trump bashing to fire up simpletons is where the money is. The downside in this golden age of information is a new found respect for uniformed opinion. I offer your rant as proof.

      • pushing buttons

        BTW, You offer no credible counter-argument. (just again the parroted Limbaugh/Fox talking points). When you have an informed point of view, I’ll listen.

      • Lord Chesterfield

        Very well then. All the issues you present are questionable acts directly related to presidential powers. Why has the legislative bodies of this government given carte blanche to the president to conduct a war on something as nebulous as terrorism? If truly respecting military is not using them for nefarious reason, where is your outrage at the congress for having abdicated their power in favor of a luxurious life while questing for endless reelection? This exact issue was brought up for a very short period of time not long ago and our congress decided conveniently (very cowardly) to leave the president in charge of such matters. If you truly are concerned for the members of our military this would be your exact issue, and not spewing spin on the decisions made by the president. However that is exactly all you have done in your initial rant. You only showed the ability to complain about symptoms and remain ignorant of the disease. You sir are a huckster.

      • pushing buttons

        Actually I agree 100% with you re Congress. They are a bunch of cowards with respect to the Presidential carte blanche re terrorism (as well as their cow-towing to the NRA, Big Pharma, Big Petroleum also). However you underscore my point re Iraq, Afghanistan etc by Bush (the first) onward. Since these are presidential responsibilities, these presidents have innocent blood to answer for. Did the invasion of Kuwait by Bush (the first) or Iraq (the second) really protect our freedom? Of course not — in fact this caused more instability and the rise of a dangerous Iran. etc etc And by the way, (while I am proudly a “libtard” as you would say), Obama, while thankfully not starting any major wars for money, was disappointing re not leaving Afghanistan etc. There is just too much political money and strategic interest in the minerals and pipeline routes there.

      • Lord Chesterfield

        Well met then. I point out the money and resources that you mention are key players in the governance of this country, finding their way threw interest groups to the pockets of life long politicians. I hope you also know that USAFRICOM has been in place since 2004 and every president since has meet the Department of defense’s requests for increased resources. Perhaps there is a measure of escalation you overlooked related to Obama’s years. Media coverage was missing. Perhaps rightly so?

    • Check your blind patriotism

      Does that include the Navy veteran who opened fire in a San Bernardino school and killed his wife back in April?

      Or the Army veteran from Alabama who shot his wife nine times, killing her in front of their young daughter last May?

      Or the Army combat veteran who fatally shot his wife and a state trooper in upstate New York in July?

      Or maybe the Air Force veteran who shot 46 people in a church in Texas last week, killing 26 of them?

  • Feed Me More

    everyone is so ignorant on what is actually going on with the nfl its sad, maybe we should act like the government and boycott veterans, since they only care about them when they are killing for them then forget them when they come home

    • 🤔

      The NFL players kneeling has to do with how minorities are treated. It has nothing to do with our veterans. They look like complete fools for doing so they should have respect for the flag and the national anthem because it was all of those men and woman ( black and white) who fought and died for their freedom as well. Try getting a clue feed me more. The only time you have anything to say is to start trouble here.

      • sick of fake news

        What a stupid comment. OF COURSE IT HAS TO DO WITH VETERANS. the protest is occurring DURING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM not at halftime. Not after a field goal or a touchdown or an interception. You are another libtard fool who doesn’t get it. Stop apologizing for these unpatriotic S.O.Bs who should be on their knees thanking God they were born in America and not Nigeria or Ethiopia or Sudan or Somalia or Ghana or China or Iran or any other country where they would not be making millions of $$$ for playing a sport.

      • 🤔

        Sick of fake news, what I meant was their beef isn’t with the veterans it’s how minorities are treated. They are just choosing to kneel during the national anthem which is disrespectful to our country and veterans..

  • JD

    This club has my total support for their decision. I hope more people follow their example. Thank you to all veterans for your service and your sacrifices! And thanks to all who stand with them and support them!

  • sick of fake news

    That’s a beautiful little facility they have in Plains. I was there for an event this summer and was delighted to see such a hidden gem. Congrats to them for this move BUT the boycott shouldn’t be limited to just this weekend. It should be in place until Roger Goodell gets his act together and bans these unpatriotic displays by players while on the NFL’s time clock or while representing the league in any way. If they want to protest as a private citizen unrelated to the NFL that’s one thing, but to use their workplace as a platform should have NEVER BEEN ALLOWED by anyone with balls or a shred of patriotism. I guess we know what cowards these owners and commissioner are to have allowed these league-destroying tactics for so long.

    It seems they’d rather cow tow to the libtards and MSM and FAKE NEWS than to serve their fans and honor their country. FOR SHAME NFL!!

    • sick of fake news

      It’s not just Plains. It’s veteran’s clubs around the country. Good for them, except they should make the ban permanent until the NFL bans players who protest on the field during the game. Keep your d@mn politics out of the sport for 3 hours. There’s enough of it during the other 21.

      If these players want to protest something, how about looking in the mirror and starting with their own community–rampant with out-of-wedlock births, crime, drugs, murder, unemployment. Stop blaming cops for reacting to statistics and probabilities. Change the crime statistics in your own community first. Then blame the cops if they still do racial profiling. It’s common sense lost on the far left.

  • Taco Salad

    Who knew Vets were such snowflakes?
    Getting their feelings hurt over what someone chooses to do during a song?

    • El~Ma

      This nation should do what Israel does – every individual serves for 2 years. Every single one.

      There is a time and place for protest, and protest is protected by the First Amendment, to be sure. But, from what these kneeling protesters have declared in interviews, they are protesting “injustices.” My answer to that is, “Tough sh*t. Everyone experiences injustices.”

      Anyone who earns an average of 13 million bucks a year has no real basis to scream about injustices. What are these protesters doing to strengthen their communities, provide youth centers, scholarships, and mentoring in their blighted communities? How are these men teaching other young black men (YES, BLACK) how to stop seeing women as objects and to look further than the gridiron as a means of income? There does come a day when football players are no longer able to remain in the game. What then? Do they do Hertz commercials and cut the throats of their estranged wives and random bystanders?

      Those of you who support the NFL protests are allowed your opinions, even if they’re wrong.

    • sick of fake news

      Me too. I stopped watching last year after the first round of protests when I saw a few Eagles kneeling instead of standing. I thought F that. What a bunch of OVERPAID< UNPATRIOTIC MORONS!

  • Bob Calvey

    I give theses vets a lot of credit I have been a fan of the NFL for 50 years haven’t watched a game all year and also I do not buy for gifts or accept any NFL products at all last weekend caught up on all of my dirty Harry movies man Clint Eastwood was really young at one time

  • londe

    The statement below is an excerpt of a recent press release from the new orleans saints. They attacked Veteran Commander John Wells publicly in the press simply because he refused to receive an award. He refused the award because the nfl disrespects Veterans.

    “Throughout Mr. Wells’ media appearances today, he has stated he no longer supports NFL football. That is unfortunate and disappointing considering the New Orleans Saints’ unwavering 50-plus year commitment to honor, support and recognize our servicemen and women and veterans. We will not allow Mr. Wells’ decision and subsequent media appearances to distract our players and organization from continuing to honor and support our military and veterans. We, as an organization, have decided to move on from this sad and divisive discourse”

    “Our players have chosen to stand for our National Anthem out of respect for the flag, our servicemen and women and veterans in every game since our inception in 1967 with the exception of one game – the Week Three game at Carolina when a few of our players did sit”

    A few comments about the saints statement, they state: “unwavering commitment” then later in the statement they admit that players sat, by definition this is not unwavering, yes they wavered.

    In addition the saints admit in their statement that the reason to stand is “out of respect for the flag, our servicemen and women and veterans” There it is in black and white, the reason to stand is out of respect, so if one chooses not to stand by definition one is choosing to not to respect. No matter how many news media outlets say otherwise, even the NFL states they stand out of respect. NFL players are choosing to disrespect.

    Also they accuse Commander Wells of “sad and divisive discourse” just because he refused to go to an NFL game. Pretty low by the NFL saints to go on the attack of a Veteran.

    I will never watch another NFL game again, not a boycott but a choice why would I want to watch people and organizations that disrespect veterans? Why would I want to watch other NFL players that dont speak out and say this is wrong? Just because someone has a right to do something does not mean they should. So instead of watching the NFL go for a walk, spend time with your family, etc.

    This is a free country so of course one can protest but for one to say that this act is not disrespecting the military, police, and first responders is absurd. If you have a problem with the police then protest outside a police station or city hall, but never during a time to honor veterans.

    For example, let’s say I want to protest McRibs not being offered year round. So I’m going to start peacefully protesting by going to churches dressed as a clown every Sunday and loudly pray for the McRib to return over the pastor’s sermon.

    It’s not illegal. I’m being peaceful however the message is completely unrelated to religion it is disrespectful, ignorant and purposefully in poor taste in order to drum up as much controversy as possible.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli


    Now let’s work on your resolve, ban it for the rest of the season.

    Or do like me and never watch it again. Maybe read a book instead?

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