Obama Reports for Jury Duty in Chicago

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CHICAGO — Former President Barack Obama reported for jury duty in Chicago on Wednesday but was ultimately dismissed from the pool.

He was assigned to a panel that was not called, Chief Judge Tim Evans, who presides in Cook County, said at a news conference held after Obama departed. He added that the 44th president was gracious to others who were there to fulfill their civic duty.

“The public allowed him to come in and to do his duty. I thought, for example, he would be reticent about greeting them. He came in and greeted the prospective jurors on both side of the panels. We had about 220 people here. He took time to greet people on both sides,” Evans said.

Once potential jurors saw that Obama was approachable, Evans said some decided to test their boundaries.

“He discovered that some knew they might have a chance to meet him and they brought books for him to sign,” the judge told reporters. “I saw him pause for a moment and I thought his Secret Service panel may not permit him to do that, but he said that he wanted to sign their books and he did sign.”

Obama drew the line at selfies, however.

“He said, ‘Well you can take a shot, but no selfies.’ He thought that would delay him,” Evans added.

Evans said Obama was “willing to go through everything everyone else was willing to go through,” watching a 20-minute long video on a juror’s responsibilities.

Obama was seen shaking hands once he arrived in the building.

The former president lives in Washington but maintains a home in Chicago. With a Harvard Law School degree, experience teaching law and eight years as commander in chief, he is a pretty decent candidate for jury duty.

Obama is not the first former president to receive a notice for jury duty. In 2015, former President George W. Bush reported for jury duty at a Dallas courthouse. While Bush was not selected, he sat through the process and posed for photos with other potential jurors.


  • JD

    Obama nearly drove this country to it’s knees. With a “wink,wink,and a nod,nod”, he gave Hillary and her henchmen his blessings, and a go ahead…to give Putin 20 percent of our uranuim! And that’s just a start as to why he should be in jail!

  • warningfakenews

    Want to see the establishment lose it in a hurry and ignore the US Constitution? Educate jurors on what Jury Nullification is and how they cannot be prosecuted for engaging in it, as they walk by you on the sidewalk going into the courthouse. Better have some video cameras running. and have others doing the filming in the process. Even better, live stream it.

  • Pretty Decent

    What did he actually do besides divide the middle class of Americans? His policies reflected a contempt for the majority that voted for him, his storied past only begins when he dealt to special interests for money or power, and he was the closest thing to a dictator that we’ve ever had in office. We should abolish the Presidency in retrospect. Power should be in a 5 member panel of a congress rather than a singular syphon to possibly will ill intent on the majority in exchange for personal gains. Lawyers and bankers are crooks with personalities. He was worse than Boss Tweed.

    • shhhhhh

      and trump hasn’t created the biggest divide in modern history? Hell its pretty much socially acceptable to be a racist again. obama’s got nothing on orangie.

      • Pretty Decent

        I’m not siding with that cork sucker either. Notice how I proposed a change that would actually work? We didn’t need this system after America’s Industrial Revolution. There is way too much on the table for a singular person in a high position to handle alone. An odd number of constantly rotated elected officials that don’t need special attention seems to be more cost effective and less like a monarchy. Look at what we’ve lost in relation to our original constitution.

      • Pretty Decent

        After watching lobbyists destroy our trades and normal mercantile happenings, I’d have to admit that there are needed changes to how things get run around here. Let’s be collective in saying that no elected official can gain wealth while in an elected position. Let’s also propose that former’s that have need to submit those earnings to the relief of the tax payers. Seems simple enough. You didn’t look up “Boss Tweed”, did you?

      • History is a bugger

        Trump didn’t cause the divide, it’s been there LONG before he came along. The reason it’s so publicized and prevalent these days is the ones that are shouting ‘divide’ the loudest are the freeloaders that are concerned they might lose their free ride and have to work for a living. MAGA! Contribute or leave.

  • Clarissa

    Through all the slings and arrows he’s had to endure from people who are racist, but claim they aren’t, Mr. Obama has always acted like a true gentleman. I think history will treat him more kindly than many other presidents, including the current occupant of the White House.

    • Jackal in a silk suit

      Thanks for calling people that dislike and don’t agree with someone a racist. So, are all the people that are calling for Trump to resign racist too, or doesn’t that work in your worldview? He may have acted the gentleman in the public view, but he acted like a classless dictator with his policies and actions. Glad he’s gone, hope to never see or hear from him again. The Clintons need to go away too. Obama – the great divider.

    • shhhhhh

      you only got down-voted because this websites’ comments are full of racist trump lovers who don’t realize they’re the main ones he’s screwing over. feel bad for them, all they can do is STILL brag about trump winning, it’s not like he’s done anything they can be proud of. bring the down-votes.

      • Facts, not emotion

        Still don’t get it, do you? Some of us aren’t so thrilled that Trump got elected – it’s that Hillary didn’t. It is fun watching the Trump haters melt down and explode though. So tell me – honestly – what has Trump done to screw his supporters? I want actual verifiable facts, not the same blather and rhetoric I’ve seen all year.

      • JD

        When facts don’t back up what spews from your mouth, pull the racist card! Well, guess what. People are tired of that lame excuse. Find a new one!

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