Mother’s Memorial Vandalized, Police Search For Answers

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ASHLAND -- It's a one-of-a-kind memorial in the community of Ashland, even featured on WNEP'S new "About Town" series.

Now, red lines fall down her face, other dark spots are spattered on the steps, the base and all around the Mother's Memorial in the heart of Ashland.

"When you come into town and you've been living here all your life you see something like happen it's a shame someone could do something like that," said Cair Quick.

Ashland Police say the memorial was vandalized last week.  It was back in the middle of the Great Depression when the people of Ashland raised money to build the memorial.

The Ashland Boy's Association says the bronze statue symbolizes mothers of Ashland.

The Donut Shop, on the corner of Centre Street, sits just a few blocks from the Mother's Memorial.

"I saw it on Facebook and the stripe down the middle of her face was appalling. I thought it was terrible, its a shame," said Cheryl Ladick.

Ladick, like most others, hopes the paint is removed soon.

"People come to see that from out of town and the tunnel so it's a shame," said Ladick.

Borough officials tell Newswatch 16 they plan to remove the paint from the statue as soon as possible.

Ashland police say they are still looking for the vandals who defaced this memorial to mothers.


  • Las Gusto

    Such a strange place that a portrait was turned into a three dimensional bronze statue? Sounds like the beginnings of most of America itself. Hate fills your heart, and a likewise attitude is reflected in defacing such work with simply conjured profanities. Mean words and cowardice are the opposite of work just as anger is the water of the damned.

  • whatever831

    I don’t see why kids have to deface property and think it’s cool or a fun thing to do? When I was younger the thought to spray paint and ruin things just never ran through my mind. The little bridge on Aston mountain road gets painted several times a year, only to be spray painted with utter crap by delinquent teens who have nothing better to do but drive around and smoke pot and vandalize. What is the purpose? I wish they’d catch the kids always responsible for that nonsense too.

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