Man Guilty of Murder Seeks Parole

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STROUDSBURG -- Richard Klinger from Stroudsburg is currently serving life without parole for a murder he committed back when he was 17.

He shot and killed a woman back in 1971 at her home near East Stroudsburg.

But because of  U.S. Supreme Court ruling that states you can no longer sentence a person under the age of 18 to life in prison, Klinger hopes for a second chance.

Supporters of the now 63-year-old man, think he should be set free.

"What he did when he was 17, that is done. He shouldn't have done it, it was horrendous, but since then he has turned his life over to the lord," Jean Nottle, Northampton County.

Nottle has known Klinger for about five years.

She, along with other members of the Berean Bible Church in Stroudsburg, often visit convicts.

"He's completely rehabilitated. He cares about others and I would have no problems with him being back out in a community," said Nottle.

During testimony, the defense presented witnesses to show Klinger has changed during his 45 years in prison.

The judge says he needs to look over paperwork before he can make a decision about whether to reconsider Klinger's sentence to life without parole.

"I think it's due time that they take a look at this and consider that he has rehabilitated himself for what I see and that he would be a free man," said Jim Camella, Stroudsburg.

No reconsideration of sentence was made.  The judge did set another court date for Wednesday so he could make a decision then.


  • FracingA

    Holy Soft Snowflakes. How quickly people forget ay. Dude should have gotten death, now you want to let him go. Unreal

  • Susan Hoppe

    The Bible states if you break the law you do the time. He doesn’t deserve to be free. God makes that judgement when it’s his time to go. I really think these people need to read there Bible’s again.

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