‘Always looking for a fight’ – Suspected Trooper Shooter Caught on Camera

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CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP -- The state trooper shot during a traffic stop in Northampton County remains in critical but stable condition.

State police say Cpl. Seth Kelly had another successful surgery Thursday morning.

Cpl. Kelly was shot more than once during a traffic stop Tuesday on Route 33 near Nazareth.

The suspect, Daniel Clary, was also shot. He is charged with two counts of attempted homicide.

We now have surveillance footage of the suspect getting into an argument with employees of a gas station just the evening before.

Newswatch 16 learned that Clary, the 22-year-old suspected shooter, had a home near Effort. The shootout took place on Tuesday and Newswatch 16 obtained surveillance footage from a gas station that shows Clary getting into a verbal altercation with an employee, less than 24 hours before the shooting.

"He was always looking for a fight."

That's how an employee at a gas station in Chestnuthill Township described while showing us security camera video from Monday evening, just a day before police say he opened gunfire on two Pennsylvania State Troopers.

Clary frequented the store and accused employees of stealing his EBT card but minutes before, the owner can be seen putting the card down. Clary puts it in his pocket and leaves the store but then Clary came back and started verbally attacking an employee who didn't want to be identified.

"He walked back out to his car a few times. He came back in, yelling, screaming obscenities. 'I want my stuff back!' and he really didn't leave until they said they were calling the police."

This wasn't the first issue the store has had with Clary. They say he was confrontational. He lived just a few miles down the road.

"Every time he comes in, he's always looking to cause problems, he's always complaining about something. He's always saying that we kept something that wasn't ours. It's always like he wants to start trouble."

And some of the other employees we spoke with described Clary as "off" and "lost." When they received word that Clary was involved in the incident, it didn't come as much of a surprise.

"When they released the name, we all kind of knew we knew who he was. When they released the picture, it wasn't surprising that it was him."


  • Dindunuffin

    So Jessica In Williamsport, how’s the broken tail light theory working out for you? Just another poor citizen being wrongly accused and targeted by the police, right? I see the censors are hard at work, 9 comments but only four showing. Truth hurts?

  • DinoB325

    EBT card….have to thank a liberal for creating a society where less work and live better than those that do.

  • Put something in his IV tube!

    Why didn’t someone put this thing down years ago and eliminate the hardworking taxpayers burden years ago? Proof positive that no matter how many benefits your throw at these things they just can’t commingle with civilized people as they don’t understand responsibility nor do they respect authority!

  • adalagarzi

    Unfortunately, you’re right. The black community is extremely focused on demonizing white people and cops. Through this, a predisposition has been created where white people and authority figures are their enemies.

    Anyone here familiar with that song “F*** the Police” by Straight Outta Compton?

    Don’t tell me that the black community doesn’t have its own bigoted beliefs.

  • mickmars

    >Then again…this is the sort of thing we get when we publicly fund able bodied people’s livelihoods<

    Ding Ding Ding!!! We have a winner Johnny!! Give him his case of Turtle Wax! (Because that's all we can afford to go e,after providing all the free food,healthcare,rent,heartng assistance,phones,and monthly stipends to the "system magicians")

  • ivanazan

    your political correctness is nauseating, simply lay down the truth, this guy should of been put down a long time ago

  • Frank Rizzo

    Usually its disabled or shut off by now, I wonder how legal his gun was? …. “Of course he is….”

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