Trooper Shooting Suspect Lives in Poconos

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CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP -- We're learning more information about the man accused of shooting Pennsylvania State Police Cpl. Seth Kelly on Tuesday, including where he lived in the Poconos.

Newswatch 16 spoke with a few people who recognize that suspect. They're still trying to fathom the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

Police released the name of the shooter Tuesday night. He was identified as Daniel Clary, 22, of Effort.

Dashcam video from a truck driver shows Clary's car flying by him on Route 33 in Northampton County on Tuesday. The suspect's car passes by the truck on the berm of the road.

Police say Clary was wounded as he was driving. The rear window was shot out.

Clary was arraigned Wednesday morning and is being hit with a slew of charges. Police say he lived in a rural area near Effort.

When Newswatch 16 arrived at the residence Wednesday afternoon, members of his family could be seen moving belongings out of the house and into a U-Haul. They politely declined to comment.

According to people we spoke with, Clary was seen often in the area.

"I've seen him around the gas station and he seemed like a normal kid, just passing by. You see kids hanging out at the gas station all the time. It's a real shame to hear what happened," said Freddie Alvarez of Kunkletown.

For others who have lived in Effort for several years now, they're surprised to hear that the shooter lived in the area, but they say that as the area has become more and more popular, there has been more trouble.

"It's one of the most beautiful areas in the Poconos to live, but as the area is growing and things are getting better, we really have to have an increased police force. We need more police in the area. You don't see enough officers on the street anymore," said Janos Somogyi of Effort.

"When we moved in here in 1975, a lot of these things weren't around. It was more country. But since it has grown, with people moving in from New York, New Jersey, whatever, they're bringing in all the trouble in the residential area in Effort here," said Robert Robinson of Effort.

Robinson said he's troubled to hear about another issue involving gun violence.

"They should have stricter punishment against people who are not allowed to have guns. Guns get in the wrong hands, and people use them to kill and do everything because they're in the wrong hands," said Robinson.

Cpl. Kelly remains in critical, but stable condition.


  • In a galaxy far far away

    They should light this POS on fire in the center of town…just like they did in Salem. Burn him for everyone to see. If he has no hesitation to shoot a state trooper he is not someone to give a second chance! Does anyone really think someone like this can be reabilitated? Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on his prison bill? Death penalty for sure!

    • In a galaxy far far away

      Sorry……rehabilitated. I bad. I’m sure that the grammar police will focus on my spelling rather than my point!

  • Shamikwaa

    My afriken brotha just had a bad day, dats all. He no got whyte privewlidge. He dun been oppressed. Turn him loose I say…he gonna be a doctor some day.

  • just move here from easton probably

    he probably just moved here from easton, facebook says he graduated hs in easton, saying he is “from” the poconos is kinda misleading i think, from easton will probably be more accurate

  • Lance

    Again no comments from BLM. Why because a black man shot a white cop. Where are the howls of outrage? Where are the demonstrations? Nothing… just like their moral indignity. Its ok for a black man to shoot a white person. BLM and ANTIFA and the white liberal whiners that stand with them will never decry this event. The rest of civilized society will stand for the police. Because the police stands for everyone. Including BLM etc. Shame that isnt reciprocal.

    • Bud Walker

      Just another low life living in this area, I knew how the media reporting was lacking on the suspects description, this would be the result…Its so obvious anymore how they try and blanket it.. SMH

  • Lora

    Prayers for this trooper and every other law enforcement out there trying to do their job and keep us safe. But Why is the family packing a U-Haul? Leaving in a hurry????

  • El~Ma

    Why? What could possibly be worth risking freedom outside of prison like this? Someone. Please. I just don’t get it.

  • What Is Going On

    Another one for the state prison system for life.
    Why is it that living like a civilized human being is so difficult for so many of these people? And yes, you know what I mean by “these people.”
    13% of the population and they’re responsible for at least half of the murders in the US.
    But hey, BLM!

    • Lance

      NfL players “But lets all take a knee because of the police shootings” why not stand for those same cops who protect you and your property from the very animals who want to take it from you. Remember cops are people. With families and friends. Where is the knee for them?

      • El~Ma

        SMDH, I got banned for typing the same sentiments.

        It’s up to the black community leaders to develop higher standards for their people. Girls need to stop reproducing at the age of 14. Boys need to start looking at higher education instead of every girl’s booty as a goal.

        Ban me. Again.

      • Dodechahedron

        Bill, if that is your name, you are part of this raging problem. Yes, there was once a problem with racial profiling and there remains the same problem. The statistics are not in favor of black males and that is a fact. Any Officer knows that the next traffic stop could be their last moments on this earth particularly if the stop is a carload of black male youths. With the terrorist organization “Black Lives Matter,” this has only become more of a problem because a good cop is a dead cop, according to BLM Scriptures.

        You people need to get yourselves in line. Your demographics is the most violent, the most arrogant, and the most reckless. Get yourselves in order and make those venerable Reverends Jackson and Sharpton find another job than to continue stirring the race hate pot. What would these idiots do if there were no more racism? They certainly can’t work for a living to pay for those seven thousand dollar suits and the Italian leather shoes, can they? Stop making excuses. Nobody wants slavery. Nobody wants oppression. Nobody wants injustice. Your boy was carrying a weapon and shot someone with it. Get over your black selves and start being upstanding members of society. Perhaps you profiling will lessen if this happens.

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