Trees Planted at Clarks Summit Elementary

CLARKS SUMMIT -- Rain on Tuesday and sunshine on Wednesday were the perfect combination for newly planted trees in Clarks Summit.

The borough's Shade Tree Commission secured a grant to plant 16 trees at the elementary school in Lackawanna County.

Fourth graders were there to learn about the importance of trees for people, the environment, and even the weather.

The newly planted trees will help filter rain water runoff, which will help clean the water that eventually flows into the Chesapeake Bay.


  • cheap tightwad

    The wrong lesson is being taught. You don’t plant oak trees to get acorns, you plant acorns to get to get oak trees. The lesson of the greatest value would be to add more leaves to about at foot thick to cover an area. Watch what happens. Phase two is to let everything in the background to grow, mid ground remove what will be the tallest, and in the foreground only allow the smallest to grow (landscaping). The biology lessons will be from what happens on its own and what it attracts. This method will thrive and the native plants will populate the natural garden.

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