19-year-old Now Mayor-Elect of Tamaqua

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TAMAQUA -- Election Day has come and gone and now a community in Schuylkill County has a new mayor who just graduated high school last year.

Nathan Gerace won the mayoral race in Tamaqua Tuesday night.

You won’t find most 19 year old’s chatting up borough employees on a nice fall afternoon, but for Gerace, he's getting acclimated to what will be his job for the next four years.

Gerace , who graduated from Tamaqua Area High School just last year, is now Tamaqua's mayor-elect.

“I'm very excited to start out. I think that good things are coming in the future and I'm excited for change, so it's a lot of excitement,” said Gerace . “It's also a lot of taking in and realizing that it's a lot of responsibility.”

We first met Gerace in May when he won the primary election on the Republican ticket.

In the general election, Gerace ran essentially unopposed, beating out two write-in candidates.

Despite his youth, Gerace feels confident he can do the job of mayor, but he's not afraid to ask for help.

“There's very good workers in the borough in my opinion, so if I ever took a question to them, they always had a good answer for me,” he said. “So even if I just came looking for information, they had a source that I could get it from.”

Gerace says his goal as mayor is to encourage more hometown pride and get Tamaqua's youth more involved in community events, like the “Little Town Big Heart” campaign that was started by the folks at the Tamaqua Community Art Center.

Workers here say having a young mayor could inspire more things like that.

“I think it brings a fresher perspective to our community,” said Danae Starry with the Art Center. “I guess because you have different ideas, new ideas with a young person so with 'Tamaqua Has Heart' that's what we're trying to do.”

And Gerace is already impressing Tamaqua youngsters.

“Wow! He's 19,” said 11-year-old Gracee Kovalchick. “I can't believe he got mayor. Good for him. He's probably like the youngest mayor in Tamaqua.”

Along with being mayor, Gerace plans to continue taking classes at Lehigh Carbon Community College.


  • Writer Girl

    Such negativity here . Hats off to this young man for doing something about government and pursuing his goals. I’m guessing that’s more than the naysayers can claim, so ignore them, Nathan G. and good luck. You picked a tough field, but it’s all worthwhile/good. I hope you accomplish a lot of good.

  • Wnepviewer

    Oh how nice. Most successful man in Schuylkill County. Lots of skooks that pretend to be successful professionals never get elected cause they’re actually just bumbling mouth breathers. This chap is a real go getter. SEDCO has a new President in it’s sights!

      • Don

        At least Obama had jobs. He knew what it was to report to someone. That’s still an unknown concept to Drumpf.

      • 🤔

        Actually, Obama was elected Illinois State senator from 97-2004. In 2004 he gave a speech at the DNC. In 2005 he was swornintotheus Senate. In 2008 he ran for president. Not an Obama supporter but that’s what his ” career” has been.

    • Writer Girl

      No, community organizer Obama did that. Besides, there is no “experience” that prepares someone to be President, even if you were in government or law beforehand. There’s no other job like it.

  • adam thomas

    The classes at the prestige laden lehigh carbon community college will give him the basic public budgeting classes and sociology classes he needs to know this place is a train-wreck. This is between his playstation game fun.

  • El~Ma

    Congratulations are in order, I think, though I’m not sure. Has His Honor-elect spent any time in city planning meetings, or witnessed the in-fighting and back-stabbing of local politics? Is he aware of how many times an idea will be brought to the floor and, thanks to Robert’s Rules Of Order, will be swept aside like the uninvited black ant at a picnic?

    If this young man can hold it together, see beyond the audacious rhetoric, and make the hard (and, unpopular) decisions, there may be hope for the area. Maybe.

    • El~Ma

      To add this: I just get this visual of an incoming urgent call to the mayoral office and the secretary answering, “The Mayor is in the middle of p’owning noobs on Halo. He’ll call you back when the sequence is over.”

  • 🤔

    I think it’s pretty impressive that a 19 yr old won. Good for him. Obviously the people of tamaqua have faith in him. Instead of people bashing him, give him a chance to see what he’s gonna do. Way to go Nathan, good for you!

  • Tommygunn

    The skook can’t get any worse than this . this area is garbage. He wasn’t even alive long enough to see how much this dump has declined.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Ok, but which side of the aisle? You give most 20 year old hipster douches $2 at a Dunkin’ Donuts for a $1.98 coffee and they’re confused as to how much change to give me back.

      Just saying.

      Term limits are a good idea.
      inexperienced youth, not so much.

      • JP

        How do you think they will get experience? By trying and doing. If he felt strong enough to run for the position I doubt he is sitting on his ars playing video games. Good for you for winning the election.

      • Marvin

        Well Lloyd, let’s be honest, does anyone in DC know how to handle money? The entire US govt should be charged with embezzlement from taxpayers. Of course it could be messy with a Congress full of millenials. They would certainly bury us in debt by giving everything away.

      • Writer Girl

        Not all teens are like that. I don’t think you run for office, thinking it’s all fun and games and your life won’t change. At the very least, he might find out this isn’t the field for him. At the very best, he’ll help Tamaqua.

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