Two Dead, Officer Wounded After Shooting, Chase in Lycoming County

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Police in Lycoming County were led on a high-speed chase Tuesday night. Now, two people are dead and a police officer is wounded.

It all began when police were called to a home on the 2200 block of West Third Street for reports of a shooting.

Authorities say Shawn Graham, 33, was found dead with gunshot wounds at that home.

According to investigators, officers saw a white Dodge with a New Jersey license plate leaving the scene, and they followed it. The officers tried to pull the driver over in the 1500 block of West Third Street. They ordered the driver out at gunpoint. When they tried to take the man into custody, he opened fire and hit an officer in the arm.

Police say the officer is recovering.

That man then led police on a chase through Williamsport down Route 220 near Jersey Shore and then back to Woodward Township.

Investigators said there was a shootout at Sheetz in Woodward Township, and the suspect, Paul Heath, was killed when he took his own life.

Police say they're still looking for another person in that homicide in Lycoming County. The incident is still under investigation.


  • Larry

    Confiscation of all guns is exactly what the Nazi’s did before murdering millions. Is that what you would rather have???

  • adam thomas

    NEPA is looking pretty good, taxes always going up, drugs everywhere, towns get more blighted and rundown, roads are deteriorating, violent crime and sex crime rates go up, but school teachers and administrators are making more here than anywhere in the USA! Seems like a sham to me.

    • chris gooch

      People are pissed. Teachers and school administrators are getting attacked. There was a story about. Beat up by a parent in school parking lot

  • Kim Jong Un's Dog

    Because of course, according to your rant, all criminals will turn in their guns. Let us see if the people involved in this situation had crriminal backgrounds. What odds are you willing to give me?

  • what

    As someone who grew up in Williamsport and moved to Philly a few years ago, can’t say I regret my choice moving out of that town. I live in a neighborhood now where not once there has been a murder. I grew up on Scott street where you could fight with your hands and live to see another day, not any more!

  • Sad times

    Ok, from what I understand the Williamsport City Polie Officer told the Black Man to get out of the car, hands where he could see them, but the Black Man got out and Shot the City Police Officer……. Now here is what is not fair, had that City Police Office shot and killed the Black Man who got out of his car with a gun, to kill the Police Officer, everyone would be saying another Black Man killed by a White Police Officer ! What is a White Police Officer to do when an armed Black Man gets out ? Not shoot the Black Man First ? And YES I have seen some shooting of unarmed Black Males, that were NOT right in my opinion, and I can see why they could conden that, as I do also…. But in last nights case, the Officer would of been totally justified in my Opinion to shoot and Kill that Black Man who got out of his car, before the Officer got shot

  • Native2wmsprt

    This is a sad situation for the families involved. However it seems to need to be pointed out that the shootings that have occurred in my city have all been very targeted for specific reasons. Unlike the mental illness epidemic that is plaguing white men in America, that just can’t resist committing mass killings of innocent, defenseless women and children, for NO APPARENT reason! Those ignorant folks that’s talking about leaving and moving from the area bc of targeted drug related incidents hope you don’t move to the next mass shooting location.

  • Marvin

    When are you narrow minded liberals going to face the fact that society has devolved and is not taking responsibility for their behavior and actions. I have 5 guns in my house and they have never been used in a crime. Stop being soft on punishment to send a sign to criminals that their actions will not be tolerated.

    • John18020

      Your attack on “narrow minded liberals” does highlight the lack of civility in our society and support at least part of your point.

    • stop parroting

      Marvin, there are millions of “liberals” who own guns. There are millions of “liberals” who oppose complete repeal of 2nd amendment. There are millions of “liberals” who don’t commit crimes with guns much less commit crimes. Stop with the parrot labels. The millions of “liberals” who own guns don’t brag about them or sit at home and stroke them.

  • Supporter of America

    At least Paul Heath did the world a favor. As far as “Archie Beal,” everyone would be safer without guns…tell that to the dead and wounded bikers in NYC. But I do agree that there is a problem in this society; however, it isn’t the guns but rather many of the people in this society and our lack of willingness to deal with them.

  • Likesitwhenbadthingshappen2badppl

    Just gonna leave this here… this was from 2015. So drugs?… Yes, probably drugs.

    “Shawn Shaheed Graham, 31, of 921 Clark St., was charged with convicted felon not to possess a firearm, carrying a firearm without a license, possession of cocaine, marijuana and drug paraphernalia.”

  • pushing buttons

    Of course your comment is idiotic on face value. But the worse, less obvious part, is it illustrates how this country no longer finds these daily shootings to be tragedies but just the morning news. Only two dead? No biggie — just another day…It seems it is never too early to make jokes about them but it is always too early to “politicize” them. Sad. Really sad.

  • Williamdelpia

    Williamsport used to be a nice city as recent as the 1980’s. NOT NO MORE! The infux of NYC, New Jersey, and Philadelphia ghetto trash has turned Billtown into a crime and drug infested thug playground. Glad I moved out of there!

    • Junkies Everywhere

      It all started in the late 80’s when the halfway houses started popping up everywhere. Even then, if you opposed them you were the problem. They started bringing the Philadelphia trash to the area and the drugs followed. Common sense dictates that if you have a lot of junkies trying to stay out of jail by going to useless treatment, the drugs will be close behind.

    • pushing buttons

      Typical ignorant comment. You don’t even know the identity of these people (not that it matters). So if it turns they were a couple of good ol’ white boys…

  • Daina

    I am very scared and worried, my mother lives on 220. The people and problems are getting worse in that area. The only satisfaction if but little, is that that is one less reckless soul in the world. I thank goodness for the officers that put themselves in harm’s way to protect people like my mother.

  • venustechnologynetwork

    Williamsport is obviously getting a little too close to Jersey Shore, time to move further away from that cesspool of filth.

  • Melissa

    Its sad that our ignorance cant be put away, who cares what skin color, point is 2 people are killed and an officer is injured. I think if we would be a world who cared about one another and helped each other, but this ignorance, attiudes, thinking everyone owes you something, or that your life is any more valuable than than anyway else.

    • pushing buttons

      Thanks Melissa for your insights — I agree completely. Amazing how much racism gets spewed here from folks who clearly contribute nothing positive to our society. But they are white so they think that is their privilege to do so. If everybody just did one random act of kindness a day…

  • Think Positive

    There is so much violent crime any more. I remember the news was mostly weather, local sports and events. I don’t think the swamp is draining. It’s getting bigger.
    I’m glad the cops came out okay here, after the shootout.

    • i_see_crazy_people

      Oh please and shut up already! White, black, brown, purple what’s the differnece like we’ve seen no white sickos doing evil stuff in stories on here that i’m sure not proud of!!

    • Tom Brady

      Would you just f*****g stop! Who gives a rip what his skins color was. That shooter down in Texas that killed 26 innocent kids and adults, was white. So stop thinking this is a race issue. That’s what’s wrong with this country. Oh and if it makes a difference, I️ am a white make

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