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Trooper Shooting Suspect Flees to Hospital

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SALISBURY TOWNSHIP -- The trooper shooting suspect who himself was shot by state police drove himself to the hospital after the fight the along the highway.

State police say the suspect drove himself to Easton Hospital. Now, the suspect is being treated at Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest.

According to online court documents, Daniel Clary, 22, of Effort, was charged in connection with the shooting.

Aerial footage shows a blue Pontiac being loaded onto a tow truck outside of the emergency room of the Easton Hospital in Northampton County.

Troopers say the Pontiac is the car that the suspect drove to the hospital after being hurt in the shootout with the two state troopers along Route 33 near Nazareth.

One visitor to Easton Hospital tells Newswatch 16 he was just visiting family when the hospital was put on lockdown.

"They called a code silver and next thing I know, troopers were responding from the south and the hospital was on lockdown and we had to stay where we were."

What happened along Route 33 is something people we talked with cannot believe.

"You see stuff going on, all the shootings going on across the country, and you never know anything could happen at any time, but the state police responded excellently."

Troopers say the suspect was shot several times after he fired first at state police.

"People just do not care anymore, I guess. I mean, it's scary and you can't prevent it.

The state police corporal who has not been identified is at Saint Luke's in Bethlehem.

State police say this is still an active investigation and they plan to hold a news conference Wednesday morning with the latest information on what happened.


    • TRKRGR

      and if they shot him w/out one of the cops getting shot himself, all we’d hear is police brutality. This country has gone to the dogs…..rabid dogs.

      • warningfakenews

        Just because a man shot back doesn’t remove the possibility that police brutality may have occurred. What was said so far doesn’t seem to add up so let’s wait until the whole story is known before deciding anything on this.

      • FOPster

        The guy was high on drugs. That can make them appear to have superhuman powers. This is a well known fact. The troopers are heros, not bozos.

      • warningfakenews

        Wow, a drug test that normally takes days or weeks came back almost instantly and they handed off the results to a guy sitting at his computer. That’s amazing!

    • FracingA

      ^ You are Weak dude. Good guys following the rules almost always take the 1st punch sort of speak. Bad guys don’t have any rules. Drugged up bad guys can take a beating & a bullet in this case but they inevitably always lose in the end. Prayers to these Troopers, toughest job to have these days.

    • Gibsonia

      Umm it states he was shot after he fired at the troopers or did you miss that? You know they walk up to car and he shoots them and then they returned fire so how is it they were supposed to out wrestle a drug dealing thug who ambushed them? My guess is your cranium is stuck somewhere near your boyfriends punch hole

    • Me

      Keystone loser.. he was pulling the car over and the guy jumped out with a gun before the trooper even got to the vehicle.. you are a loser and lowlife..

  • warningfakenews

    Hopefully there’s video of all of it and also let’s hope Officer Payne doesn’t try and arrest Nurse Wubbles for wanting a warrant for the blood test results.

  • CeeMe

    Dumb thing to do–drive to a hospital. After all is said and done, he’s going to wish he was dead. Have fun in your new home.

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