Powell Declares Victory in Lackawanna County DA Race

DICKSON CITY -- Democratic nominee Mark Powell has declared victory in the race for district attorney of Lackawanna County.

For the first time in 50 years, a Democrat is poised to take the district attorney position in Lackawanna County.

Attorney Mark Powell says he is ready to lead.

"I am honored and humbled to be your next district attorney!"

At a restaurant in Dickson City, he thanked his supporters during the tight race and promised to crack down on the opioid crisis and crime when he takes office in January.

"We will restore integrity to the district attorney's office and we will make Lackawanna County safer," Powell said.

Powell thanked opponent Gene Talerico during his speech, saying he admires him and wishes him the best in the future.

It was a tight race. The position is currently held by Republican Shane Scanlon. Scanlon lost in the primary election to challenger Gene Talerico.

Powell is a Democrat who graduated from Riverside High School. He joined his family’s Powell Law Firm in 1990.  The firm is touted as “Northeastern Pennsylvania’s oldest personal injury law firm.”

Get the latest election results from WNEP here.


  • len

    Don’t be disappointed Mr Powell is the Right Man for Criminals ! He has a Defense Firm and Now a Defense Attorney as D.A. in Lackawanna Count. Congrats Mr Powell. Glad I am set to Retire in the coming Years and will be Getting Out of Lackawanna County, All in Blue Stay Safe, When you Arrest a Criminal take him Straight to the Defense Firm !

  • Andrea Rizzo

    Talerico ran a disgraceful campaign. Those things he said about defense attorneys? It really turned me off.

  • Dems Win

    It SHOULD have been Scanlon, but Talerico had to be dirty. No one to blame here but Gene. Another one who thought everything should just be handed to him. Congratulations Mr. Powell!

  • R

    Disappointed in Lackawanna County. The man has no experience compared to his opponent. This will be a tragedy for the county, I guarantee it.

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