Voters in Lackawanna County Will Decide on Two High-Profile Races on Election Day

LACKAWANNA COUNTY  -- When voters go to the polls in Lackawanna County, they will have to decide in two high-profile races.

Voters in Scranton will choose a mayor of Scranton. The other big race is for district attorney of Lackawanna County.

And on the eve of Election Day, the campaign headquarters for the candidates running in those races were buzzing with activity as volunteers drummed up some last-minute support.

Republican Gene Talerico is the former first assistant district attorney for the county. Now he wants the office's top job.

“We're feeling good. We're excited about tomorrow. It's been a long campaign season, and it's time for the people to have their voice,” said Talerico.

Talerico is being challenged by Democrat Mark Powell who has a law office in Scranton.

“I feel great. I know I've left everything on the field, so I don't have a lot of regrets,” said Powell. “There's not a lot I would do differently. I'm cautiously optimistic, but we're still working hard through the night.”

Incumbent Scranton Mayor Bill Courtright is running for reelection and the Democratic candidate is confident that he will win.

“Feeling really good,” said Courtright. “I think the people in this city saw tremendous progress in these last four years, get a good response when I talk to them and I think they're all going to come and I think we're going to be successful.”

Courtright's Republican opponent, attorney Jim Mulligan, is just as confident the voters receive his message.

“Incredible team that's been working very hard since February. We're making phone calls. They've sent out literature, canvassing the neighborhoods in the city,” said Mulligan.