Tragedy Strikes After Family’s Dog Attacked at PetSmart, Later Dies

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DICKSON CITY -- "We dropped him off to get groomed, and we get a call that he's dead."

Betty Miller of Scranton characterizes the last several days as astonishing.

Last Wednesday, she dropped off her 12-year-old Bichon Brewster at PetSmart in Dickson City to get groomed. Shortly thereafter, she got a call from a vet that was totally unexpected: Brewster was dead after getting attacked by another dog in the grooming salon.

"He was loving," Miller said of Brewster. "He was gentle. He was funny. He was like a toy, and he loved everyone."

Following the incident at PetSmart, the Miller's dog was taken immediately to the Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center in South Abington Township, where, unfortunately, Brewster was dead on arrival.

In a statement to Newswatch 16, VREC said that "resuscitation efforts were administered, but proved to be unsuccessful."

Miller says she's unhappy with how PetSmart corporate has handled the issue and thinks there could be more safety protocols put in place to avoid tragedies like this.

"We called corporate," Miller said. "They did not reach out to us, and I was very angry about that. Why would you want to bring a pit bull past a small dog who's really just bait? He was bait."

Following the freak incident, some of Miller's final memories of Brewster bring about heartache.

"I felt so guilty the day it happened because we would say to him, 'You want to go bye-bye?' and he'd hop in that car, and he didn't know it was going to be his last ride. It was hard, very, very hard. He's been with us for 12 years. He was just a great dog."

PetSmart's entire statement regarding the incident is below:

"We are truly saddened by the loss of Brewster. The health, safety and well-being of the pets in our care is our top priority, and we immediately launched an internal investigation to better understand what led to this tragic accident. We have high standards of care in place and are actively gathering more information to determine any policy or procedural violations. We welcome all dogs, regardless of their breed, into our grooming salons provided they are well-behaved. We will remain in close contact with Brewster’s pet parent as we learn more."


  • charles

    So it’s not the dog, it’s the owners? Ok, i’m fine with that. The owners then get shot in the head when the dog causes trouble. Problem solved. Scumbag drug dealing neighbors had a pit bull that used to get loose. I would have loved to blown it’s head off and spent the night in jail.

  • csunbean

    This has happened so many times at Petsmart They know it’s a serious issue and the dog owners need to go to class action websites and get together to stop this horror. My condolences to the family that list their dog. The horror will be on store video for legal purposes. This is why I never go to pet stores that let dogs in for any pet services and I buy products online so I don’t support the cruel deaths of dogs by pet owners expecting safety. These horrors keep happening in pet smarts around the country

    • RB

      It’s called life, $h!t happens. Perhaps PetDumb should plaster the place with warning labels, but I’m afraid that won’t satisfy the trembling fearful.

      • Smarter than this ASSHAT

        Have you been in the place? they hire minimum wage untrained staff, they cost these people a lot of heart ache and a sweet little dog his life. STFU

  • Bob

    Not hard to instigate this it a fing pit bull, what a pit bull bread to do (fight) so all that little dog was to him was bait. Wish where I live they had a BSL law to get rid of them, a little girls arcoss the street had a 1 year old pit and it attack the little girl next door when they was playing outside so they did the right thing before anymore problems happen they put it down thank God.

    • Ruth Hagenbaugh

      This little dog was not bait. It would only be bait if the dog was trained to fight and no owner that trains their dog to fight would ever bring it for grooming. Pit bulls with the right owners and breeders are the sweetest, most loving dogs. My daughter has two that love children and everyone. They will kiss you to death. Don’t judge the breed by one incident. No one knows the whole story either That bichon might’ve yapped in his face which could’ve set him off. It was clearly a tragic accident.

      • Vaspar

        Ruth you missed the boat on this one. Your assuming that the pittbull was raised by the owner. It could have been rescued from a shelter that has no Idea of the background. And if you think that this is just one incident, then you have not done your research.

      • Janie

        Are you kidding me right now. NOT the only incident and I guess you feel that poor family dog deserved to die for what you call yapping. I’m sorry but the Pit had no business being there without a muzzle and definitely should have been taken care of alone. That poor family!!! That poor dog!!!

      • Lucy Muir

        That is truly a disgusting sentiment. Really, yapping is justification for a supposed pet to KILL? Really? By your logic, I can keep a lion, just don’t make a sound or move around it, or, you know, it will tear you apart, but that’s OK, right? Cuz you made a sound, you moved.
        Brewster was nothing but bait to a kind of dog BRED to enjoy ripping its own kind apart in a sport so vile, so disgusting that it is illegal in all 50 states. It didn’t need an excuse like “yapping” to kill Brewster, a beloved 12 year old family member.

      • Cheri

        I use to be a groomer for corp until an injury I suffered but I have bathes plenty of pit breeds and all of them were the sweetest dogs if not more behaved then those smaller breeds. It was the smaller breeds we had to watch because they were small but mighty and thr pit breeds would coward if the smaller ones barked. So you can’t judge any pit breed based on what people made them into. Plus corp of any kind would allow a fightijng dog into their salons because we have to get to their level and do a semi physical on them before accepting them into the salon. Overall it was a tragic accident so Ruth I 100% agree with you.

      • Dee Porter

        Thatss why Ruth, responsible owners like myself muzzle their dogs, if the Bichon yapped in another dogs face most like it would still be could not possibly defend itself against a pitbull…and again the pet store is negligent and should have know better..they can be sweet dogs yes, I have one BUT being that their bite can be fatal to another dog or human ..everyone must use precautionary measures when your dog is in public…

      • Ruth Hagenbaugh

        Vasper, I don’t have to do my research. I am not getting tested on this. This was just 1 incident that could’ve been avoided. It was not any of the dog’s fault. It was the groomers not paying attention. And I love pit bulls. Best pets next to greyhounds to own.

      • Nikki girl

        If the dog can be set off by another dog’s yapping, then it needs to be kept away from the general population – dogs, cats, people, anyone who could possibly “trigger the dog”. I do not understand the love people have for those ugly dogs,. There is nothing “cute” about them and they cannot be trusted. It’s who they are and genetics cannot be changed. I just hope your daughter keeps those dogs away from her children’s friends.

      • Ruth Hagenbaugh

        Nikki Girl, No dog is ugly. They are God’s creatures and all are beautiful. If you think pit bulls are ugly, then don’t look at them. They are super gorgeous with that big pitty smile. And my daughters dogs love the neighborhood kids and will continue to let them pet them. They are completely safe with kids. They can have a little prey drive with other dogs and for this reason my daughter does not take them to places where there are dogs. They do however get along with my greyhounds. To bad you’ve never gotten to know a pit bull. They are very sweet.

      • Random person of no consequence

        Right, because comparing how a Pit Bull responds to humans is even comparable how they will on instinct respond to a toy dog breed. It’s funny though, every time a Pit Bull attacks another dog (or person, or another pet) and gets on the news, there’s an army of posters to defend how “sweet” and loving they are. Even a Siberian Tiger can be trained to be “sweet” but it doesn’t mean it will not randomly chomp your throat out on a whim.

      • deborah

        I agree 100%. I have a pit and he is a big baby. I never trust any dog 100% but trust my pit with my gchildren way more than I ever would have my previous spaniel. We can talk till the cows come home about how loyal and sweet pits are. Some people are so biased nothing will ever let them think differently. My pit looks like a killer dog and if that gives one cause for concern before entering my home uninvited then he’s done his job.

      • Terrence Laubacher

        Dogs are not God’s creations. They were wolves, but humans inbread, downbread leftbread and made into what humans want them to be. Bastardized wolves.

      • Ruth Hagenbaugh

        Terrence Laubacher Dogs are God’s creatures. Who do you think made the earth, humans and animals? Dog spelled backwards is God. They are the closest creature to God. Try Church. It will help you understand.

      • PaulM

        I have been training dogs for 30 years. That pit bull was obviously not acclimated to be around other dogs, PERIOD. The owner of the dog should be sued and held fully liable and accountable along with the PetSmart owners. The very least that the owners of the establishment should be doing is vetting dogs by asking if they are “dog friendly”. And that comes with training. If the are not “dog friendly” then send them home and do not allow them in. Pit bulls are no different than any other dog. It is all in how they are raised and treated. 90 percent of the dog owners do not obedience train their dogs. It is sickening to listen to some of these people, scream their lungs out just to try and have their dogs come when called. Instead of teaching them and paying attention to their needs.

    • Wayne H. Franklin

      I’m sorry. Repeat your comment in real English, please. Try to remember to punctuate and spell the words as everyone else. I really am interested in your comment. I think. I’m not sure what that opinion might be.

    • Mark

      Wow talk about not knowing about your breed, actually you know full well pitbulls are bred to do one thing kill.

    • Black Bear

      omg…..WHY do you think they are called PIT BULLS?? No wonder this crap keeps happening. Pit bull owners are just clueless! :/

    • Andrea

      My uncles pit came after me when I was a little girl and I had several alterations with pits trying to attact my small dogs while out on a walk. These were mostly family dogs so my best guess is that it’s in the breed for them to go after something or someone smaller than them. Really wish that people would stop breeding them.

    • Reagan X

      You are wrong. The “pit” Pitbull Terrior comes from dogs bred first for blood sports such as bull and bear baiting, which when outlawed in Europe brought the breeders to train the dogs to fight each other. In a fighting pit. This is common knowledge. And you talk about education?

    • Reagan X

      Google is free and easy to use to research any dog breed. Let me teach you. You are wrong. The “pit” Pitbull Terrier comes from dogs Bull Terriers bred first for blood sports such as bull and bear baiting, which when outlawed in Europe brought the breeders to train the dogs to fight each other. In a fighting pit. This is common knowledge. Well, perhaps not so common, like common sense.

  • Logical

    I am baffled why any sane perspn would want to own a Pit Bull, a dog bred to fight, as a family pet. This is not a ‘freak accident’; Pit Bulls kill more humans and animals than all other breeds combined. It is the breed…time after time, again and again, it’s aways these Pit Bulls…how many deaths will it take before people stop apologizing for this breed?

    • Ruth Hagenbaugh

      Pit Bulls are only bred to fight with the scumbag breeders and owners that get them. With the right owners they are the sweetest, most loving dogs around. Pit bulls have been known to save family members many times from fires, drowning and thieves breaking into their homes. They are loyal and protective. My daughter has 2 pit bulls that will love you and kiss you to death. They cuddle and sleep with her every night. I trust them with my life. They also adore the neighborhood children.

      • Janie

        My God Ruth. Seriously stop preaching for your dogs right now. Has nothing to do your family, your dogs or your opinions. The facts are the facts stick to them here. If you can’t accept the story for what it is then perhaps it is time for you to leave the thread. We have heard what you have t say and we do kit need it repeated as a response to each person’s comment. This was a horrid incident that should not have occurred at all. Totally avoidable. No dog while being groomed anywhere should be able to come in Contact with each other while they have been entrusted with the proprietors.

      • Hold The Mayo

        Ruth, you just keep letting those kids lay all over a dog that has a genetic predisposition for aggression. You just do that, sweetie, and remember your comments if you ever find yourself in the news (GOD FORBID) because you trusted a dog with your life. You’re not talking about a professionally trained dog, Ruth. You’re talking about a dog that you believe to have human traits and thinks the way that you do, and you are absolutely clueless about canine behavior and genetics.

      • Willis Forster

        My neighbor has three pit mixed breeds that are barely socialized because his place was burgled once but he keeps them fenced. They are never allowed out. Most breeds have to be fully socialized that are not guard dogs in restricted areas. Large dogs should be leased and muzzled in public places just to be on the safe side

    • Wrong end of the leash!

      Actually my sane family with two small children owns a pit bull and he is the best dog for my family. My child cuddles with him and plays rough with him and he just lays there and takes it, my child acts worse than my pit bull does. So please think before you type about something you know nothing about! Pit bulls were initially bred for nanny dogs until PEOPLE made them aggressive! Any dog can be trained to be aggressive no matter the breed. My personal opinion I have had more problems with small dogs than big ones, but that doesn’t count right? My sister owns a chihuahua and it has bitten my child more times than I can count yet my vicious pit bull wouldn’t even lick her too hard! So please educate yourself before you make yourself look stupid!

      • El. Ma.

        Sadly, you can’t fix “stupid.” And, the worst part about this level of stupidity is that people who maintain these beliefs will not accept a correction or statistical facts, even if they suffer an unpleasant event with their own dog. People of this ilk will create elaborate statements and observations to bolster their claims when statistics prove the complete opposite of their stances.

        PetSmart and all of these other places need to disallow the practice of bringing pets into the building. There should be a separate entrance into the grooming salons where interaction is at a minimum. There is no reason to bring animals into a store. Nobody cares what kind of dog someone has or what kind of ludicrous outfit they’ve put on those poor animals. Nobody cares and nobody is impressed.

        This is such a shame for all parties involved, but it just goes to show that corporate greed and marketing supersedes common sense and animal husbandry.

      • deborah

        Anyone who would permit their children to maul their dog is asking for trouble. You are part of the problem. Just because your dog tolerates this behavior doesn’t mean someone else’s dog will, and then you will be all over that dog. Children need to be taught how to interact with pets. I see children poke eyes, pull ears and tails, ride their bikes into a sleeping dog and many other acts that would evoke an unpleasant response from you or I and yet you think this is okay? Your child’s behavior is what provokes many dogs…but blame the dog. Do you have any idea how foolish you made yourself look?
        I would have to say PetSmart was negligent in this case….not because the attacking dog was a pit but because they did not use adequate caution in bringing two dogs in close proximity of each other. That is a no brainer. One can hope to expect safety for their pets when leaving them in the care of groomers. Once you hand over the leash it now becomes the groomers responsibility to make sure your pet remains safe from harm.
        This is truly a sad, tragic incident that could have been avoided.

    • Lena

      That is an entirely false statement. It has been proven, time and again, that a household CHIHUAHUA is more aggressive than a pit bull would ever be. You are 10 times as likely to be bitten by a breed under 10 pounds than you are a pit bull. They’re remarkably gentle with children and, just as with any breed, gentle with strangers as well if you socialize them correctly from a puppy and raise them gently. It’s about the OWNER, not the dog. These myths about the pit bull need to die. They’re teddy bears.

  • Dev

    Blaming the breed is uncalled for. Could have been any dog. Dogs are unpredictable, period. No matter the breed, size, age, etc… The slightest thing can trigger their natural instincts. No dogs should be allowed to interact in a grooming situation ever. Grooming can be stressful enough for ANY dog. Small dogs are naturally aggressive for protection and up against ANY larger dog, it is going to lose. This was a mistake by the employees, NOT the fault of EITHER dog. Even if the little dog barked and lunged, it was only doing what dogs do. Put the blame where it belongs and do not keep spreading the hate of Pit Bulls. Responsible owners! I know my dog cannot be around small animals or dogs without extreme supervision and caution, because of his natural prey drive. He has lived peacefully with a cat for 5 years now, but only because I know how to handle any interactions they have. Just like separating siblings when all they do is fight and it gets physical.

    • El. Ma.

      Dogs are not unpredictable. If they are properly trained and handled, they are 100% predictable and controllable.

      The issue is that no pets should be allowed into ANY retail establishment like PetSmart. There are people strolling around with their little cuties in their little froo froo outfits that treat their animals as if they were human beings and attribute human behaviors to these animals. When unfamiliar canines are thrust into a situation that is out of their normal routine, they become anxious. An anxious and improperly trained dog is a dangerous dog. Pit bulldogs ***can*** be well-trained with the proper handler, but it’s the same as taking a Komondor into the same type of place. The handler had better be spot-on and familiar with their dog, or there will be trouble.

      Pets should only be going in and out of grooming/boarding establishments, and veterinary clinics. Period. Unless, of course, they are service dogs which have been rigorously trained.

      • Hold The Mayo

        VASPAR, a grooming studio is not the same environment as a huge facility like PetSmart. There is too much stimulation, and the dogs aren’t sequestered in a sealed off grooming area. There are windows (or, typically, there are) on these grooming stations where people can observe the groomers and dogs. It’s not sound practice. The people who are handling the dogs are not seasoned professionals, generally speaking.

      • Kate

        You sound like a dog trainer who is completely full of themselves and, I suspect, very harsh physically on your dogs. Shame. There is NO emotion in dog training. Just like there is no way to predict an animal’s response 100% of the time. That is…unless you are using brute force.

      • Debbie

        Dogs are NOT 100% predictable no matter how well trained they are. Even humans are not 100% predictable. I competed in advanced obedience competitions with my Dobermans. They were unbelievably well trained. Did that mean I trusted them to go on walks off leash because they could heel without the leash? Of course not! How could I KNOW 100% that one might not go after a squirrel or something? Dogs are ANIMALS. Their interaction cues are lost on most humans. Dogs are not like children you can just let loose in a playground and all will be well. You can have a perfectly trained dog who loses it one day and you might not even know why. Of course being fed dead, denatured kibble and being vaccinated like hell does not help dogs either. The rabies vaccine causes demyelination of the nerves in the brain; rabies miasm. Maybe what we need instead of breed legislation, which is ridiculous, is some kind of muzzle law if your dog is over 35/40 lbs as that’s about the weight starts where a dog can do serious damage. If all bigger dogs were muzzled in public they couldn’t bite anyone…. and no specific breed would be targeted…

    • Logical

      But it’s not any dog…it’s nearly always these Pit Bulls; they are fighting dogs. Period. Folks should not be surprised when they kill. However, I am surprised these mutant beasts have not been banned nationally.

  • Ban pits like the rest of the civilized world

    Google Dog killed at Pet Smart and you won’t believe how many dogs have been mauled to death in their store.I sure didn’t

  • Ann Marie Rogers

    How tragic for that adorable dog and his family that loved him. PetSmart isn’t very smart at all allowing Pit Bulls through its doors and ignoring all of the factual data about these dangerous dogs. I hope the family sues them. It may be the only way they learn. Pit Bulls are not good pets. They are not safe around children or animals. Pit Bulls are the #1 canine killer of people, pets and livestock. They kill over 30,000 pets per year. They have an inbred, genetic trait for unpredictable, explosive aggression that cannot ever be trained or loved out of these dogs. Pit Bulls can be friendly one minute and kill the next. Never trust a Pit Bull. Never a pet. Always a threat. RIP little Brewster.

      • Get educated

        Educate yourself on the breed. They are one of the best dogs to have. It’s the people who mistreat them and abuse them. Most of these dogs come back from the brink of death after being beaten and mauled to death all for the sake of the loyalty to their owner. They don’t know any better. Your just an ignorant POS

      • Bob

        Your the idiot facts are facts just go look it up and to will find them on average a pit bull kills a person every 15 days, just because your a nutter the facts are still there.

    • Katie

      Can you site these sources, PLEASE? Smaller dogs attack more often but due to their size they dont cause as much damage, obviously. I bet you also believe that pits have lock jaw too…. animals are animals, pitbulls rate higher on obiedence tests over golden retrievers and labs- educate yourself. Your logic is like comparing a yorki to a single shot gun and a pit to a fully automatic gun- obviously one is going to cause more damage when triggered.

  • Cammie

    You’re all wrong….. It really doesn’t matter what breed of dog killed their family pet…. The only thing that matters is their pet died in the hands of PetSmart. It should not have happened!!! Get it straight….. ALL lives matter regardless of race, color, religion, occupation, etc., As well as ALL BREEDS OF DOGS and other animals too for that matter!!!! My heart goes out to this family’s loss. One last comment….. This most certainly is newsworthy!!! No one said you have to read every article that is posted…. Just pass it by.

  • maria ortiz

    Depends on the owners and how they rate it too! Not all pit bulls are bad! This is such a sad tragedy. Praying for Brewsters family.

  • Jennifer

    I’m sorry for the loss of your pup. I know what it’s like to lose a dog just not in that way. However as a pit bull owner they are NOT mean. It is the owners who make them that way. My dog would be afraid of yours because yours is a lot smaller than her. My condolences to you and your family.

  • Joanna Zizzi

    Unacceptable. Pit bulls have killed more humans, pets, and livestock than all other breeds combined. Your not safe anywhere. This has happened before in a Pet Smart. Sue the pants off them.

    • El. Ma.

      Livestock are typically not killed by pit bulldogs because they are urban “pets.” Most people in the country with livestock actually have livestock-related dogs to help with herding and protection. The biggest killer of livestock are packs of domesticated dogs that have been allowed to run loose by their owners. They don’t kill for food or survival. They kill for the thrill of it.

  • Elizabeth Wood

    Pit bull dogs, or, mixes there of, should NEVER be allowed in ANY public place…NEVER. I hope Pet Smart is held FULLY responsible for the death of this innocent t dog!!!

  • Vaspar

    I stopped taking my dog there after they cut his nails and made them bleed. They were rude and not gentile with the dogs at all. The girl the was cutting the nails acted like I was an Inconvenience. They tell me I don’t need an appointment on the phone but then when I get there they acted discussed and made me wait 30 min. for a trim.

    • El. Ma.

      YOU try cutting a squirming anxious dog’s nails. It is not uncommon to hit the quick which is why there are special materials on hand to stop the bleeding.

      Then, again, these franchise places will hire anyone that claims to have a working knowledge of animals or pets who will accept minimum wages. Nope, nope, nope………

      • Vaspar

        Well my dog doesn’t squirm at all. He’s a 95lb black mouth cur. Very Docile, I let the vet do it now and not once has it happened again. These girls at that store do not know what they are doing. And it was the rudeness that stopped me from going there.

      • Hold The Mayo

        Why do you pay someone else to maintain your dog? Why don’t you trim its nails, yourself? You’d rather have your sweet dog bite the bejeezuz out of someone else instead of you, right? Otherwise, you’d do it, yourself.

  • Lori Lavelle

    It should be news with all of the dog owners in the area. I want to know if my pet is safe or not. I have one dog that is a mixed breed with a very high prey drive. I know this, my vet knows this. My dog would never attack a person, but thinks anything smaller then he is is fair game. I would never allow anyone to take him for any reason without giving them that knowledge. I did take my youngest dog there for training. She is the best behaved dog we have.

  • Lori Lavelle

    It should be news with all of the dog owners in the area. I want to know if my pet is safe or not. I have one dog that is a mixed breed with a very high prey drive. I know this, my vet knows this. My dog would never attack a person, but thinks anything smaller then he is is fair game. I would never allow anyone to take him for any reason without giving them that knowledge. I did take my youngest dog there for training. She is the best behaved dog we have.

  • Alpa Chino

    So sorry for the loss of that beautiful dog. I’ll never take my dog back to that place again. Usually their very rude and miserable ladies there anyway. What a shame. I’d feel much better if the dog that killed gets a bullet, but that won’t happen..

  • Rhonda

    Let me tell you something my little chiweenie attack a pitbull and all the pitbull want to do is play and I’ve had a pitbull and they’re not aggressive it depends on the owner these little ankle biters bark and bark and bark at pitbulls constantly that’s what pisses the Pitbull off

    • Hold The Mayo

      Your post has to be a trolling effort. Either that, or you are the stereotypical pit-owner. Your post doesn’t make any sense, at all.

  • whatever831

    I don’t think it has anything to do with the breed. This appears to be nothing but negligence. This kind of instance should not happen. Clearly the animal that attacked was not “well-behaved” now was it. Sorry for the loss, how sad.

    • El. Ma.

      Rottweilers have been around since the days of the Roman invasion into Europe. They were used as herding dogs for cattle, as well as cart dogs to pull goods and people.

      Pit bulldogs were bred for a single purpose, and the “American Pit Bull” is a recently recognized “breed.” Because they have been bred, indiscriminately, they are 100% wild cards. There are no standards and every jackass that wants to feel like a “big man” walks around with an un-neutered male pit bull at the end of a heavy chain. They are great dogs – until they aren’t, which is more often than not.

      • El. Ma.

        TIME, I’ve spent a great deal of time working with veterinarians and dog breeders. I know what I’ve seen and I know what I’ve learned from my betters. I don’t need an encyclopedia, thank you, but it might not be a bad idea for everyone who is posting like they “know” all about breeds to pick up an ACK manual and spend some time reading instead of spending so much time trying to be “right.”

  • Ivanazan

    Never never ever trust your pets well being to places like that, find a smaller local professional business with real experience managing dogs, or do it yourself at home like I do, this isnt the first time they have harmed or killed someones pet

    • Erin

      The rate of deaths and injuries is the same in private salons. It doesn’t seem like it because an incident at a private salon across the country from you is far less likely to reach you than an incident at a corporate salon in that same location. News of these incidents get spread much further because the name “Petco” or “Petsmart” is familiar to just about everyone

      • Ivanazan

        Sounds like maybe you work for ps, was there an actual study done on this? I do my own dogs grooming, might not be pretty but its free & dog is not stressed for hours, I wouldn’t take my furry pal to a ps or p-co groomer if it was free or even if they paid me

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Why is this news?

    Seriously? Is it to get page clicks?

    Is it to smear PetSmart?

    Is it to pull at heart strings?

  • Alyncia Whittaker

    I wanted to post this for all the people that are going to lose their minds over the fact that a pitbull killed a dog. I have been attacked by two dogs, had to go to the hospital each time because of my injuries. Neither one was a pitbull. Pitbulls scored higher on a certified temperament test than those German Shepards and Labs that everyone loves. Pitbulls are ranked #2 family dog to have. Pitbulls have a very high tolerance and acceptance of other animals. The fact that the dog was a pit means nothing.

    • Gizmo

      In the 12-year period of 2005 through 2016, canines killed 392 Americans. Pit bulls contributed to 65% (254) of these deaths. Combined, pit bulls and rottweilers contributed to 76% of the total recorded deaths.

      • El. Ma.

        Pit bulldogs were bred for a single purpose: to fight. It’s genetic, and it’s not personal. It just is what it is.

        More importantly, this should be a Red Flag to all of these “pet friendly” establishments. Allowing unfamiliar canines to congregate in unfamiliar territory is a foolish mistake. “We welcome all breeds…” should read, “We are discontinuing that practice.” It is foolhardy because these types of stores are sensory-overload for canines.

        I am dreadfully sorry that a pet was lost, and I feel badly for the owners. But, it’s an example of why shops should be closed to pets. Period.

      • Sock it 2 ya

        Some pit bulls were trained to fight but not all! My three pit bulls work my 200 acre farm here in north central Pennsylvania helping round the 80 head of cattle and 120 plus sheep. They work hard and have strong endurance that most pups wouldn’t! It could have easily been a chow or a Rottweiler or Shepard or even a poodle that could’ve killed fluffy! Bitten in the right spot a cat can kill a dog! This is much like blaming guns for the problem mentally ill people cause! I’ve had the same revolver for 24 years laying loaded and it has yet to get out of its holster and shoot someone!

      • Get the facts

        More people die every day from distracted drivers then who have died by all the dogs in the world since records have been kept

      • Jon

        Pit bulls are very often subjected to poor treatment and abuse by their owners to in essence make them aggressive for fighting. The history of pit bulls goes way back closely tied to that cruel treatment. It is not breed specific, however. Any dog you treat in a poor manner has a high chance of becoming aggressive. But this doesn’t necessarily reflect the owner of the dog in this incident.

      • hamr

        …its not the dogs…its the people left in charge of them…maybe Pet Smart ain’t so smart after all…… find another groomer

    • Michael

      Totally agree! There are good and bad in all dog breeds. I used to take my dog to a local dog park regularly. Of the many breeds there, German Shepherds, Huskies and some Lab/ Lab mixes were the most aggressive overall. I never saw a pit or pitbull mix there attack other dogs. I’m not saying there aren’t pits that are aggressive, and I’m not saying there aren’t good German Shepherds, Huskies or Labs out there. But again overall, the dogs that most frequently fought unprovoked, bullied other dogs and bit others were those I mentioned, not the pitbull breeds. Also I know people who take there dogs to doggy daycares. A few dogs that were bit there hard enough to need veterinary care were Labs and Huskies.

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