Talkback 16: Mass Shooting in Texas, Army Deserter

This edition of Talkback 16 features a variety of topics include the mass shooting at a church in Texas, the sentence for an Army deserter, another rock-throwing incident, and our new segment featuring animals in need of a new home.


  • warningfakenews

    Earlier, in the related stories, I posted that the church shooter in Texas was an avid fan of CNN, an atheist, and a wife beater. I need to amend that.

    Add child molester to that list. If he had survived, he would have fit in really well in Hollywood.

  • Cindy Fuller

    I would like to tell Mike Stevens I think his photos and stories are the best part of the news.

    The worst part of WNEP TV 16 news is the theme music(when you go to a commercial), I think it is time to change it.

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