Police Chase Led to Drug Charges in Hazleton

HAZLETON -- A police chase led to drug charges in Luzerne County.

Police tried to stop Giovanni Provanzo from Drums for riding his dirt bike on the Can Do Expressway in Hazleton Saturday.

Officers say he took off into the woods off Route 309.

Investigators say they found cocaine on the man when they caught up with him in Luzerne County.


  • ain'ta or no

    He out runs cops on a dirtbike by retreating to the woods, bit the police caught up with him later? No info on how they tracked him down?

  • Stec

    Marissa Burke or Debbie Dunleavy for sassiest anchorwoman? Nolan Johannes was easily cuter than Frank Andrew. That Schnedecker has a sense of humor that really goes a long way. But Tom Clarke could forecast a blizzard in the backyard 12 martinis deep.

    • Manny Gordon

      Joe Zone was pretty touchy feely with that 1981 European American afro but Jim Renick really knew how to do a photo assignment at boys swim meets (or meats) and for some reason always took the photos home leaving WNEP with an audio only news story for the 11 o’clock update . Odd.

  • berrios

    Another druggie in hazelton! this is not a big surprise, The town is falling apart so is the nearby skook. Cando a scam like sedco?

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