Driver Flees from Police, Hits Two Police Cruisers Before Being Caught

LOCK HAVEN — A man is locked up after crashing into two police cars while trying to avoid getting arrested.

Police said Ian Lehman, 32, of Jersey Shore, was pulled over Friday afternoon, but he took off.

Investigators said he crashed into a state police vehicle as well as a local police cruiser in Lock Haven while leading officers on a chase for several miles.

Officers eventually stopped him in Porter Township, Lycoming County.

Lehman is charged with resisting arrest, aggravated assault, fleeing police, and reckless driving.


  • warningfakenews

    OK, apparently we need to make it easier around these parts for cops to find us, drive into their cars, or crash into the police station. In any case, this is one way to have them notice you. Oh, and on that note- when they do notice you, they usually decide to give you a time out for a bit…

  • III%

    Rumor has it there was a underage raccoon in the back seat and he was going to force it to drink cheap beer and make out with it seems he seen it happen somewhere else with a now pregnant opossum

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