Schuylkill County District Attorney Candidates Prepare for Election Day

POTTSVILLE -- Tuesday, voters will have to decide the district attorney's race between incumbent Republican Christine Holman and attorney Democrat Michael O'Pake.

Holman was elected four years ago but has been an area attorney for about 25 years. O'Pake has been an attorney for about 30 years, spending about two decades working as an assistant district attorney in Schuylkill County.

Both O'Pake and Holman have many years of experience practicing law, so Newswatch 16 wanted to know what sets them apart, making them the best candidate for the job.

"What I have focused on in this election is that this is not a race about a Republican versus a Democrat, a male versus a female," O'Pake said. "It's not experience versus inexperience. It's about the safety of Schuylkill County. That's what's at risk here."

O'Pake wants to change several issues he sees in the district attorney's office like the low conviction rate for cases that make it to trial. He also said Holman has accumulated an additional 850 active bench warrants since her time in office.

We asked D.A. Holman about O'Pake's claims. She said she's continually worked to reduce the drug problem in the area but is also focused on ridding the county of blight and protecting senior citizens from elder abuse and scams.

"I think the public and those who have seen my work know that I am an honest and hardworking individual and that I have gained and earned their trust in the work that I have done and the work that I want to continue to do," Holman said.


  • Shenandoah Splinters

    Is there a ‘write in’ option? Giving the out of town druggies that poisoned the area easy plea deals from one because of race or gender, and embezzling $132,000 in tax money for ‘rent’ from the other? It just seems like more of the same either way you piss in this contest. You Skooks that work hard and are smart enough or worth anything better start moving now that Portnoff is in these towns from what I’ve heard. More blighted properties on the horizon when you all are broke and even the buildings on your main streets are getting knocked down or condemned. Welcome to politics. They own you with false promises and nary a contribution that does not suit their personal agenda. I’m sad about it.

  • KIP

    Unfortunately , the fight the blight failed in the skook, did you ever go down side streets or downtown areas in girardville,frackville, mahanoy city, ashland or shenandoah? Afghanistan looks more refined.

    • Robert

      Obviously you’ve never been to Afghanistan. More accurate would be East Germany right after the wall fell.

    • Robert

      Oh, she’s a Ditzz for sure! Makes plea deals but does not cancel court dates so officers and witness show up but the case is closed. Mean while witness miss work without pay, and officers that are scheduled for hearings need to be replaced by officers hired on overtime to cover for those scheduled for hearings! You have no FRIGGEN CLUE how inefficient this district attorney runs her office! NO CLUE!

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