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New Welcome to PA Signs in the Poconos

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DELAWARE WATER GAP -- A brand new "Welcome to Pennsylvania" sign is greeting drivers coming into the Keystone State on Interstate 80 in Delaware Water Gap.

Scott Stauffer from New Jersey noticed the new display on his drive in.

"It was pretty nice, it was big, it stood out and it was decorative," said Scott Stauffer, New Jersey.

PennDOT officials say this is one of the two signs with the states new slogan, "Pursue Your Happiness" to be installed.

The other can be seen on Interstate 78 near Bethlehem.  More will be installed by mid-November.

Officials say the total cost of the new signs is $200,000.

"I've been coming here for so many years as a truck driver, back and forth, back and forth and you see the same things so many times so this is a nice change," said Robert Sabie, New Jersey.

People we spoke with say they remember when the state announced there would be a new slogan but they never really saw it out on the roadways, so they are happy to see these new signs popping up.

The new slogan was unveiled back in 2016.  The signs are replacing an older design from the late 1990s.

PennDOT workers manufactured and will install all of the new signs.

Brian Bossuyt from the Pocono Mountain Visitors Bureau is happy to see one in Monroe County.

"I think it's great. If we are one of the first it's great because we have a lot of traffic coming through from New York and that destination and New Jersey, so I think it's great," Brian Bossuyt, Pocono Mountain Visitors Bureau.

In total, 37 new "Welcome to Pennsylvania" signs will be installed by spring.


  • HildaMad

    Yep, look at the pic, theres the new sign, then 100 yards up the highway is an overpass, how about thinking about the safety of our PA folks, who wants my vote next week

  • HildaMad

    PENDOT don’t you think fencing up the overpasses & bridges so the mentally deranged of Pa cant throw boulders off to kill people is top priority?

  • HildaMad

    Cute signs, but PENDOT don’t you think fencing up the overpasses & bridges so the mentally deranged of Pa cant throw boulders off to kill people is top priority? Thank you in advance

  • edheadweb

    For awhile I lived in Missouri “The show me state”. I thought a better slogan was Missouri Loves Company, similar to Misery loves Company. They did not agree. I grew up in PA, so what was wrong with the Keystone State, doesn’t anyone know what a Keystone Is anymore?

  • III%

    Should say pursue your happiness but keep your hands off the children and avoid the Scranton / Wilkes Barre area enjoy your stay

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      And stroudsburg and Williamsport and reading and Harrisburg and philly and …….

      When you think about it, there’s not much left to be too proud of….

  • Coal crackers

    The only state we should have a welcome sign to is West Virginia. And the only reason I choose that state is so they can swap Boili candle recipes with the Longsockers in the Skook.

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