Man Arrested in Wilkes-Barre for NYC Homicide

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WILKES-BARRE -- Police caught a man wanted for questioning in a double homicide in New York on Friday in Wilkes-Barre.

U.S. Marshalls arrested Victor Ocasio at the 200 block of Hazle Street.

Ocasio is a suspect in a drive-by shooting that left two people dead and third badly injured back in July.


  • Crimestopper

    I do know him i have 2 kids by his girlfriend brother i hate them my aunt will catch jarris one way or another that family is horrible they killed my cousin jasmine and poppa north carolina watch out jarris is a problem all by hers3lf she has ruined her baby father victors life she didnt like my cousin she probably told white boy to kill jasmine

  • Crimestopper

    I feel sorry for her son he will be a bastard unless her ass take him to see his father i know her daughter is good because her daughter has a different father from her son. The father raised her daughter since day one hooray for good fathers out there

  • Crimestopper

    Great he is caught his child mother is trash too she allowed this man to kill her neighbors which are her family members i hope ahe gets arrested too and they take her children from her she is a alcoholic and a bum herself

    • give me a break

      The guy (if guilty) is complete trash. No argument. But you sir are an ignorant imbecile (and a racist). The Dream Act was co-sponsored by ultra right-winger (anything-but-a-“lib”) Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and heavily lobbied for by the US Military (who has major recruiting issues) as it requires registration in the Selective Service. It also requires a number of other strict requirements about academic achievement and abiding by the law. Finally, it is hard to know this man’s age but it looks he would likely be far too old to qualify. Turn off Limbaugh and get informed.

  • III%

    He would make a fine low tech mine/ied sweeper to protect the brave men and women of the Armed Forces and remain in chains for the duration

  • HildaMad

    NY your humane catch & release program isn’t working, we dont want your repeat criminals we have enough of our own

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