Fire Sparked at Home in Mahanoy City

MAHANOY CITY -- Fire broke out at a rowhome in Schuylkill County just before 5:30 p.m. on Friday.

According to officials, the flames were contained to the third floor of the home.

Other rowhomes and a nearby pizza shop were not damaged in that fire in Mahanoy City.

The Mahanoy City Fire Department said Saturday the cause of the fire is listed as "undetermined."


  • joejo

    Well let’s see….the fire department was yelling on the radio with in five minutes of arriving that it was a meth lab….humm???

      • Joejo

        No dummbo..the fire dept was yelling meth lab…you need to get your facts straight! They were yelling it over and over again!

  • Pizza Peruser

    Best pizza in Schuylkill County right there! Would have been a huge loss if the damage was more significant.

    Oh wait… grumble grumble meth lab something something opioids whine whine racism.

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