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16 To The Rescue: Izzy

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FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP -- We're hoping to help area shelters and rescues find forever homes for some of the animals in their care.

Our first stop takes us to Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge outside Dallas, This shelter has dozens of dogs, cats, even rabbits, up for adoption.

If you're a big dog lover, this girl will melt your heart. Meet 2-year-old Izzy.

This Saint Bernard came to Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge outside Dallas in the winter of 2017 and went right into a foster home. That family worked very hard to get her to trust people, after a history of abuse from her previous owner.

"They had her for about six months and they worked really hard and now she's trusting of people. She still needs to be the only pet but she's a lot better with people," said Emma Ripka, a volunteer who tells us Izzy needs a special home, one with a lot of patience.

"She can get spooked easy because of her history but she lived in foster with older teenagers and they were awesome with her, so teens would be good, just no little kids."

And someone who knows how to handle a dog her size. And this girl has energy.

"She definitely needs a fenced-in yard, because as you saw, she loves to run," Ripka said. "If you're interested in adopting Izzy, you can fill out an application online or you can come to the shelter and fill one out and then once we look over your application and make sure your references are all good and everything, you can come up and meet her and work with her for a little bit. If everything goes well and she gets along with you and you like her and she's fit for your lifestyle, then you can take her home and her adoption fee is $175."

Izzy is just one of many animals available for adoption at shelters like Blue Chip.

If you'd like to fill out an adoption application, click here for more information from Blue Chip Farm Animal Rescue.

Click here for additional resources for pet adoption.


  • Bill

    I thought about not commenting but im so mad i have to. Last year or 2 years ago they did a go fund me for this girl to go to china or vietnam or someware i always donate to them for years like a idiot, after a cpl of weeks she posted pics great for the kid then she posted pics frm another vacTion she went to florida right after . I will no longer give a dime to bc i was a big sucker, how can she take the money from the animals she looks healthy GET A JOB stop mooching im so disgusted that some1 would use bc to fund there vacatio n

  • CJ100

    When me and my son were looking for a dog, there was a big dog that had so much poop in the pen. I mean tons of it. I picked up my son and we left.

      • Jenna

        Maybe they didn’t have time. You are also so quick to judge others. You don’t know what her circumstances she had at the time. With paid workers, one would hope at least the dogs areas would be clean. I have witnessed the filth there as well.

      • Whitney W

        It does not matter how many times a kennel is cleaned, dogs will still make a mess. They can not all be 100% clean 100% of the time, especially if they are limited with volunteers that day. At least Blue Chip allows their animals to be outdoors and actually interact with people, unlike the SPCA.

      • Jenna

        I personally have volunteered at many shelters in the area, blue chip being one of them. When I was at Blue Chip, I got stuck following around some lady who was showing a group of us where to put all the donations that they then SELL! The dog coops had piles of poop, not one or 2. No one seemed to care about that. So after hearing so many negative stories about this place, I decided to pick another shelter to volunteer my time

  • GrandmaW

    Come on don’t you think someone would have shut them down if they were that bad. I mean they help animals.

  • Silicia

    I am a big supporter of any institution that helps animals, but the public is being deceived by Blue Chip and many people would be surprised and disappointed at the way the shelter is being run.

  • Jenna

    The girl in the video looks young. Is that the only person they could find to represent this horrible place?! I hear nothing good about them anymore! Stealing, gambling, alcohol! Not to mention the place is a mess! I wouldn’t take my dead dog there!

    • Sara H

      And her age matters because…? If she is a volunteer who works with and can showcase Izzy, why does her age matter? A lot of talk from someone who only hears about the shelter, and is not actually involved.

      • Jenna

        Her age matters because this is a shelter with alot of negative publicity lately. To “showcase” a youngster with a large dog shows that no adult is willing to represent this place on such a large scale, as the news! This is not some high school talent show!

      • Lisa

        Oh I would say it does matter. A little thing like liability if the dog gets loose? I mean come on think about it.

      • Paul

        I’d say it matters! I watched the clip and it was a joke! A teenage girl represents a shelter. Now that’s professional!

  • alice62

    well i voluntered for years until i had to stop because health reasons this is truly a great place so they have a cpl of flaws like always drunk, stealing money not all the people are like that only the people who run it. they truly do help many animals no one is perfect please stop the terrible comments

    • Tom

      Very unprofessional, rude people to deal with. This was once a great place. Not anymore. Do not donate to them! The money does NOT go to helping the animals!

  • Penny

    Last time i donated food and toys the following week they were on the dallas highway selling my domation i will never donate again

  • Amy Johnson

    Nothing against the animals but I hear so many questionable things. About ppl not getting all the info about the dog, you have to beg for months to get any vet records. You wonder if the dog ever was to a vet?

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