Suspect Accused of Randomly Killing 3 People at Walmart Under Arrest

The Thornton Police Department released still photographs of the suspect in the fatal triple shooting inside a Walmart Wednesday night. The photos, taken from Walmart's surveillance footage show the suspect as well as the red Mitsubishi Mirage four-door hatchback they believe he used to flee the scene following the shooting. Police believe the shooting was random, and suspect is still at-large.

Thornton, CO — The man suspected of killing three people at random inside a Colorado Walmart has been arrested, Thornton police said.

Scott Ostrem, 47, was taken into custody Thursday morning. But it’s still not clear why he may have opened fire near a cash register at the Walmart Supercenter Wednesday night, killing two men and a woman.

“We believe as of right now that the shooting was random,” Thornton Police Officer Victor Avila said.

The gunman left the store in the same calm demeanor with which he entered, Avila told CNN affiliate KMGH. Police said the suspect fled the scene scene in a red Mitsubishi Mirage and authorities worked through the night trying to find him.

Shoppers inside the Walmart described pandemonium after the gunfire started.

“You just hear people running right to the exit yelling, ‘He’s got a gun. He’s got a gun,'” Marcus Smith told CNN affiliate KDVR.

“For some reason these doors weren’t opening. I was pushing on them, pushing on them. … Finally we just keeping pushing the door and it opens up. I have my daughter in my arms and we run out of the door.”

Virginia Samora, whose 15-year-old son was inside the Walmart, told KDVR her son texted her while his phone was on low battery.

“He said, ‘I’m at 1% Mom, my battery is ready to die, but there’s a shooter here at Walmart. If anything happens to me, I love you guys’ ” Samora said.

She said her son was able to get out and he also pulled his friend out through a side entrance.


  • liberalism is a mental disorder

    hey writer girl, look at the guy in tn….that single mom got killed… yeah you want to say dylan roof how about that church shooting in tn…..smh

  • Writer Girl

    Dylan Roof is still a citizen and as such is entitled to a trial. He likely is mentally ill, was charged with a hate crime and murder and will get what’ s coming to him. That’s how it works. Technically, he can’t be put in Gitmo. I don’t believe terrorists should go to Gitmo. A firing squad after a trial, would eventually phase most of them out, but we have to be nice, right? or we’re racist. Boo, hoo.

  • Writer Girl

    Hey Lynne, like it or not, we aren’t obligated to give a non-citizen killer the benefit of our legal system. Technically, he can be considered an enemy combatant. All the tripe about how we should be better than that and blah, blah, our constitution, is just another liberal moronic move. Stupid idiots will be the death of this country. Don’t like it? Too bad! Besides, that murderer already lawyered up and took advantage of our system. Happy now? Stupid.

  • Lance

    Obviously a not satisfied Wal-Mart shopper. He may have been frustrated with seeing 18 registers and only 3 open. Still not an excuse to open fire despite any previous Wal-Mart experiences. Probably got the ammo there.

    • Lance

      But senseless. We are becoming numb to all these shootings. What will it take for something constructive to be done? Allowing people with issues to own guns should be restricted. Regardless of the right to bear arms. There should be some control.

    • Writer Girl

      Of course not. He’s a private citizen who committed murder, not a foreign terrorists who just happened to squat in our country for a few years and then become a radicalized idiot. Try to differentiate, OK? And if you think terrorists should have the same rights as citizens, why don’t you pay for his incarceration and trial?

      • Steve E

        Shootings by white people are like natural disasters in America. Tragedies, but we shrug and go “eh, what can you do?” Take Vegas. 600ish injured, 50ish dead and it’s probably STILL too soon to talk about it. Day after NYC we’re calling for the death penalty.

      • Lynne Fazio

        Oh so if you’re Muslim and brown skinned you belong in Guantanamo? But if you white (like the majority of the killingers in the US) you can just go to regular prison? Interesting. So I guess that kid Dylan Roof – should go to prison – but he’s a terrorist and the moron from Vegas if he lived, he would get to go to prison b/c he was born here? Is that what scale you’re using?

    • Information absorber

      Unable to process information without inserting your agenda? That is the sign of being narrow minded and not very bright. Thanks for contributing little buddy.

  • Silverfish Imperetrix

    Try him and fry him! I’m sick of these GD crackpots getting away with murder already. One year is more than a reasonable time period for it all to be done.

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