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Mother Stunned After Child Forced Off School Bus

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LANSFORD -- A mother from Carbon County has a warning for other parents after her 7-year-old daughter was allegedly kicked off the bus at the wrong stop.

It happened Wednesday near Lansford.

Brandy Phy said she was at a parent-teacher conference for her children at Panther Valley Elementary School when she found out her daughter Phenex had not made it home from school.

"The principal paged us and met us in the hallway of the school to let us know that Phenex was put on her usual bus and was not found," Phy said.

Phy had gotten permission for her three children to take a different bus home from school so they could go to their grandmother`s house while she was at the conference.  Two of her children got on the right bus, while 7-year-old Phenex did not. She was placed on the normal bus she takes home from school. When the bus approached Phenex's regular stop near her home in Lansford, her mother said the school bus attendant made Phenex get off the bus.

Phenex's mother said the bus dropped her off about a block away from her home. Her mother said her daughter was walking alone when she was spotted by a neighbor. Phenex's parent found their daughter in her backyard.

"We found her by herself freezing cold and wet and she had fallen," Phy said. "She scraped her hands and her fingers all up. We asked her what happened she said, 'The aide told me to just get off the bus and find my mom.'"

Newswatch 16 spoke with the superintendent of Panther Valley Schools and the principal of Phenex`s school. They were both shocked by the incident.

"Myself and another school staff member, as well as the parents, immediately drove to the child`s home to look for the child," Phenex's principal said Robert Palazzo. "The time between I got the phone call and we got to the child`s home was approximately 15 to 20 minutes."

The district uses Kistler Transportation for their busing. The superintendent said this incident is unusual for the district and they are taking steps to keep it from happening again.

"This is an incident that needs to be addressed," Panther Valley School District Superintendent said. "We have protocols and procedures in place to deal with such matters. There was a breakdown  in procedure and protocol  was not followed yesterday and it`s alarming it`s distressing.''

Phy hopes Phenex's story will reach other parents.

"They're just letting the kids off the bus," Phy said. "There needs to be more awareness for the kids that they're going to be taken because there is nobody there to pick them up and the aids aren't watching."

Newswatch 16 called Kistler Transportation. The woman we spoke with told us she did not know anything about the incident and would not comment on any action taken against the school bus attendant. However, Phenex's mother said Kistler told her the attendant had been fired.


  • Melissa

    The only kids who need a parent to pick them up are kindergarteners. So a 7 year old in kindergarten? Something isn’t right with this story to begin with.

    • gavinsmommyreads

      Actually a 7 yearold in kindergarten isnt strsnge my child is going to be 7 next year in jan and is in kindergarden! And it wasn’t an issue with her being meet by a parent it is they didn’t let her off at the right stop! And they should make sure every child is being picked up. 5 , 6, or 7!

  • Brandy

    Mr Palazzo has always been a wonderful person and he really jumped into action to help find our little girl yesterday. Thank you Mr Palazzo. We will stand by and continue to praise your actions. There is other ways to spell Phenex and you can’t even spell it right! As far as what happened yesterday the children had bus passes to go to their grandmother’s home and her teacher had forgot about the pass and put her on her usual bus. As for the comment about her father he is also furious not everyone can be available to talk when needed. Those who have negative comments really need to look at your own lives.

    • people are horrid

      People are brainless and heartless anymore! It seems odd to me the fact that the student had to “get kicked off,” Phenex knew or didn’t the driver know mom or someone always met her at the stop or suddenly Phenex remembered a change of plans? And besides; “We have protocols and procedures in place to deal with such matters. There was a breakdown  in procedure and protocol  was not followed yesterday,” so BAM on the head to the losers with the nasty remarks.

  • Jason Kufrovich

    I have to say that the bus aide, that happens to be running for Lansford borough council, did not do her job. Phenex could have been taken by anyone. There is all kinds of weirdos out there.

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