Men Charged After Alleged Opossum Abuse

BLOOMSBURG -- Charges were filed on Thursday against three men who allegedly abused an opossum.

The game commission says each was charged with disturbance of wildlife and another count.

Pictures posted on social media showed the men kissing the opossum and giving it beer last weekend.

One of the accused is a Bloomsburg University student.

The game commission says each suspect could face a fine of up to $1,500 and up to three months in prison.


  • Mary Ann

    Freaks, all of them!! Ugly, sick ass freaks should be expelled!! And see someone about their mental instabilities.

  • Celeste

    I bet their parents are so proud…..I bet these punks are attending school on taxpayer money too. Possums are critical to the environment. I wish people would teach their children that every living creature has a purpose on this planet!! Disgusting, fat, drunken frat boy behavior!

  • Fiona Bolitho

    How absolutely disgusting. It sickens me to see this poor, beautiful innocent Possum being abused and fed beer. I actually feel like throwing up. We can only hope that these cowardly low-lives get their just desserts for tormenting this gorgeous animal after it trusted them by letting them pick it up only to be abused by them.

  • Linda A. Getz

    How sad, a slap on the hand for abusing an innocent animal , justice ? not for me . Animals have no voice, we are theirs, this poor innocent opossum didn’t get justice for it’s abuse. Makes me ill, I fed them in my yard, thy do no harm, eat ticks and are adorable.

  • madman across the water

    Stupid Before Stupid now And will be stupid later. And you can’t fix STUPID. They would not be laughing if that animal had rabies.

  • Louisa Cornell

    This is how serial killers start. I guess all of you people who find this funny will still be laughing when these wastes of oxygen move on to people. What is funny about a supposed “Man” taking advantage of a supposedly inferior creature and torturing it to death? This is the society which has brought bullying to a fine art, bullying that causes children and teenagers to take their own lives. And rest assured, this is nothing but bullying and cruel behavior. Possums are not nuisances. Possums eat millions of ticks and other pestiferous insects each year. They hard no one. In fact they prefer to simply play dead and depend on the mercy of their fellow creatures when threatened. These boys are cowards. Gutless, gonadless cowards.If they are the kind of men the last generation are raising there is a large portion of the population that should have practiced safe sex. Permanently.

    • Philo Beddoe

      Your a douche…its a opossum…where were your comments when the 3 young brothers died in the fire in Laflin last week?

      • 19thcenturylady

        I don’t live in your area. Had I seen the story about three boys dying in a fire I would have commented. The death of ANY living being is sad and diminishes all of us. The mentality that one life is more important than another when it is taken in any way other than naturally is the reason these bullies exist. No one has the right to take the life of another being simply for the sake of their own amusement. No one. No one had the right to take those three boys from their loved ones. And no one has the right to torture another being, no matter how small and useless and insignificant you feel that being might be. I hate to tell you, but that is the sort of mentality that makes some people say “Oh, it was just a child. They can make more.” That is a horrible, cruel, heartless thing to say. And so is saying “It’s only an opossum.” Serial killers feel the same way about both.

      • Wendy Green

        Philo Beddoe-every LIFE is important. What’s WRONG with YOU? This article is about an opossum-stay on topic. Opossums are wonderful for the environment- they clean it up-they are scavengers. Opossums are gentle creatures and do not want to fight-they would rather run away. Here in the rural midwest we have several that visit and I throw them banana chunks-you should care about ALL life and not think it”s ok to torture any living being-grow some compassion and kindness.

    • Natural selection

      Serial killers what? Your nuts! Just like the kids that play with critters they know nothing about. Mother nature has a handle on things, just be patient, let them keep on doing stupid stuff.

  • warningfakenews

    “The game commission says each suspect could face a fine of up to $1,500 and up to three months in prison.”

    Just pointing out that the PA game commission views opossums as nuisance animals which may be hunted year-round (except during certain other hunting seasons) and that shooting one an wounding it only to have it scurry away isn’t particularly pleasant for the animal, either. Kissing it and giving it beer? That seems tame in comparison to wounding or killing it. Just wanted to put the application of the law in perspective here.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      The game commission is setting an example here plus making a few bucks for the state.

      I’m sure the officers had a few laughs themselves over this.

      It reminds me of that one time when I….

    • grischat

      The point is , that if this behavior is allowed ( this is not hunting, this is abuse) what is next? that is the poing of curtailing animal cruelty- for the animals as well as unfortunate humans or children these creeps might encounter in the future. As the great Albert Schweitzer tried to bring to the forefront- that even if animals must be put to death, let them be treated kindly and with respect, humanely up until the final moment. This is just a stairway to escalating behavior what these guys did.

      • warningfakenews

        Not that I think hunting should be outlawed, I don’t really have a dog in that fight one way or the other- but the reality is that hunting DOES kill and wound animals, and it’s legal. We call doing it for sport within certain laws “hunting” despite that it can torture an animal every bit as much as these kids did. There’s also a buck to be made on it through taxes, equipment sales, tourism etc. My only point is how it’s hypocritical to call one form of killing and wounding bad and another form of it good, when if the animal would have a say, it wouldn’t want either thing. As with most things, as long as the state gets their cut on all of it, they’re good. Think about that- in either hunting or abuse, the state makes money.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        Fake news, you’re 100% correct. It’s not only this, but many many other things with contradictory laws.

        Yet we still have faith…..

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